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Friday, 21 April 2017

Make the Most of Your Long Weekend in Kuala Lumpur - ExpatGo

Make the Most of Your Long Weekend in Kuala Lumpur

Living in Malaysia comes with a lot of advantages – scrumptious food, multicultural society, warm weather, and not forgetting the high number of public holidays. In fact, according to the 2012 Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines report by the human resources consulting firm Mercer, Malaysia is ranked seventh in the world for the highest number of public holidays.
Indeed, 24th April was recently declared a public holiday to celebrate the installation of Sultan Muhammad V as the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong. This only means one thing – we are all getting a long weekend break, starting tomorrow!
Many might already have plans on how to spend their break, but for those who have no idea on what to do for the next three days, here are our suggestions on things that you can attempt this weekend in KL:

Saturday 22nd April

Morning – fun run

There’s no better way to kick-start your weekend than going for an outdoor run. Some people prefer to run alone, while others like to do in a group. If you fall in the latter category, we suggest you sign-up to a running club. PacesettersPetaling Hash House Harriers (PH3), and MY-Run are just a few running clubs in KL that invite interested individuals to join them for a fun jog.
Apart from keeping yourself fit, joining such clubs also allows you to meet new people from different walks of life. So what are you waiting for? Register now and get your weekend started in a healthy manner.

Afternoon – join a food tour

Malaysian ‘uncle’ selling noodles at a hawker stall
By now you’ll know that Malaysia is a food heaven.  With the influence of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisines, it’s no doubt that we have some of the best and unique dishes that should be sampled by both locals and tourists. Hence, if you’ve never participated in a food tour before, this weekend is the right time for you to start.
For all first-timers, check out Food Tour Malaysia – a group that consists of passionate food adventurers who organise a fun excursion to local food fare within the cities of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. The group works really hard to scout through the concrete jungles of Kuala Lumpur in search of a gastronomic adventure of sumptuous and authentic Malaysian food. So, it’s time to get all your senses ready for an unforgettable journey of delicious delights!

Night – Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival 2017

The Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival 2017 (21st-23rd April) is happening this weekend, and what better way to end your Saturday night by hearing the now world-famous Harith Iskandar crack some jokes. Deemed as the ‘World’s Funniest Person’ after his recent competition win, Harith will be joined by some of the big names in the comedy circle, which include Paul Ogata, Prince Abdi, Katerina Vrana and Christopher Daley to entertain audiences over three fun-filled days.
Harith will be performing in a few shows, and two of them are There’s Making Sh#t Up (22nd April) and Transform Through Laughter (23rd April), which sees him combining comedy with messages about life and leadership. Even if you can’t get hold of tickets for these shows, you can still catch other shows of different local and international comedians.
Since this show is only happening this weekend, you can still checkout other comedy houses like Live House and Crackhouse Comedy Club KL for more shows.

Sunday 23rd April

Morning – product hack workshop

Photo credit:
Sundays are often known to be a lazy day, but why not change things up this weekend and make your way to Fab Space KL at Isetan? You can learn the process of turning a stool into a lamp using techniques such as laser cutting and 3D modelling.
This fun and interesting workshop teaches you basic woodworking and digital fabrication skills. Priced at RM184.50, participants will get to bring out their creative side and at the end of the day, they also get to bring home the unique lamp that they’ve created. For more information, visit their website.

Evening – take a stroll at Perdana Botanical Garden

Commonly known as Lake Gardens, this park is the best area for a perfect evening stroll. Surrounded by lush greenery, the place was originally created as part of a recreational park but later planted with a vast variety of tropical plants, and reimagined as a botanical garden.
As such, there are three gardens for visitors to explore, namely the Sunken Garden, Hibiscus Garden, and Orchid Garden.  So, bring your family, friends, or just yourself, for a peaceful and quite walk in an ambiance similar to tropical rainforests.

Night – drinks at a rooftop bar

The night view in Kuala Lumpur has to be one of the best in the world. With beautiful skyscrapers, including the iconic Petronas Twin Towers lit up, it gives the city nothing short of a spectacular look.
One of the best ways to enjoy this breathtaking view is to go to one of the rooftop bars in KL, including Elysium, SkyBar,The Bridge, Heli Lounge, Luna and many more. For some recommendations, check out this article by our sister site, 14 rooftop bars in KL with the best views.
Nothing is more relaxing than sipping your favourite drink, chatting with some good friends, while overlooking the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur.

Monday 24th April

Noon – Vivian Lee Coffee Painting Exhibition

Since this is your last day off of the long weekend, we decided to make it easy as you will need all the energy for work the next day. Therefore, we recommend you to go for Vivian Lee’s Coffee Painting Exhibition that’s taking place at Grandezza Art Gallery.
Vivian is the first coffee caricature artist in Malaysia who has won numerous awards and international recognition for her work and she’s now ready to hold her first solo exhibition, where visitors will have a chance to look closer at her fine work.
If you’re an art lover, head over to this art event which runs until 1st May to witness the great work of the artist. As this art exhibition is only happening till beginning of next month, you can still visit Galeri Petronas for more art events that happening throughout the year.

Any other suggestions?

So there you have it – our list of ideas on how you can spend your long weekend to the fullest. Let us know if you have any other recommendations below. Happy weekend everybody!

Make the Most of Your Long Weekend in Kuala Lumpur - ExpatGo:

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Knoco stories: Tacit Knowledge and cognitive bias

Tacit Knowledge and cognitive bias

Is that really Tacit Knowledge in your head, or is it just the Stories you like to tell yourself?

IMAGINATION by archanN on wikimedia commons
All Knowledge Managers know about the difference between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge, and the difference between the undocumented knowledge you hold in your head, and documented knowledge which can be shared.  We often assume that the "head knowledge" (whether tacit or explicit) is the Holy Grail of KM; richer, more nuanced, more contextual and more actionable than the documented knowledge.

However the more I read about (and experience) cognitive bias and the failures of memory, the more suspicious I become of what we hold in our heads.

These biases and failures are tendencies to think in certain ways that can lead to systematic deviations from good judgement, and to remember (and forget) selectively and not always in accordance with reality. We all create, to a greater or lesser extent, our own internal "subjective social reality" from our selective and flawed perception and memory.

Cognitive and memory biases include

  • Confirmation bias, which leads us to take on new "knowledge" only when it confirms what we already think
  • Gamblers fallacy, which leads us to think that the most recent events are the more important 
  • Post-investment rationalisation, which leads us to think that any costly decisions we made in the past must have been correct
  • Sunk-cost fallacy, which makes us more willing to pour money into failed big projects than into failed small projects
  • Observational selection bias, which leads us to think that things we notice are more common that they are (like when you buy a yellow car, and suddenly notice how common yellow cars are)
  • Attention bias, where there are some things we just don't notice (see the Gorilla Illusions)
  • Memory transience, which is the way we forget details very quickly, and then "fill them in" based on what we think should have happened
  • Misattribution, where we remember things that are wrong
  • Suggestibility, which is where we create false memories

So some of those things in your head that you "Know" may not be knowledge at all. Some may be opinions which you have reinforced selectively, or memories you have re-adjusted to fit what you would have liked to happen, or suggestions from elsewhere that feel like memories. Some of them may be more like a story you tell yourself, and less like knowledge.

Do these biases really affect tacit knowledge? 

Yes they really do, and they can affect the decisions we make on the basis of that knowledge.  Chapter 10 of the 2015 World development Report, for example, looks at cognitive biases among development professionals, and makes for interesting reading.

While you would expect experts in the World Bank to hold a reliable store of tacit knowledge about investment to alleviate poverty, in fact these experts are as prone to cognitive bias as the rest of us. Particularly telling, for me, was the graph that compared what the experts predicted poor people would think, against the actual views of the poor themselves. 

The report identifies and examines 4 "decision traps" that affect the development professionals and influence the judgements that they make:

  • the use of shortcuts (heuristics) in the face of complexity; 
  • confirmation bias and motivated reasoning; 
  • sunk cost bias; and 
  • the effects of context and the social environment on group decision making.

And if the professionals of the World Bank are subject to such traps and biases, then there is no guarantee that the rest of us are any different.

So what is the implication?

The implication of this study, and many others, is that one person's "tacit knowledge" may be unreliable, or at best a mish-mash of knowledge, opinion, bias and falsehood. As Knowledge Managers, there are a number of things we can do to counter this risk.

  1. We can test Individual Knowledge against the knowledge of the Community of PracticeThe World Bank chapter suggests that "group deliberation among people who disagree but who have a common interest in the truth can harness confirmation bias to create “an efficient division of cognitive labor”. In these settings, people are motivated to produce the best argument for their own positions, as well as to critically evaluate the views of others. There is substantial laboratory evidence that groups make more consistent and rational decisions than individuals and are less “likely to be influenced by biases, cognitive limitations, and social considerations”. When asked to solve complex reasoning tasks, groups succeed 80 percent of the time, compared to 10 percent when individuals are asked to solve those tasks on their own. By contrast, efforts to debias people on an individual basis run up against several obstacles (and) when individuals are asked to read studies whose conclusions go against their own views, they find so many flaws and counterarguments that their initial attitudes are sometimes strengthened, not weakened". Therefore community processes such as Knowledge Exchange and Peer Assist can be ideal ways to counter individual biases.
  2. We can routinely test community knowledge against reality. Routine application of reflection processes such as After Action review and Retrospect require an organisation to continually ask the questions "What was expected to happen" vs "What actually happened".  With good enough facilitation, and then careful management of the lessons, reality can be a constant self-correction mechanism against group and individual bias.
  3. We can bring in other viewpoints. Peer Assist, for example, can be an excellent corrective to group-think in project teams, bringing in others with potentially very different views. 
  4. We can combine individual memory to create team memory. Term reflection such as Retrospect is more powerful than individual reflection, as the team notices and remembers more things than any individual can.
  5. We can codify knowledge. Poor as codified knowledge is, it acts as an aide memoire, and counteracts the effects of transience, misattribution and suggestibility. 
But maybe the primary thing we can do is to stop seeing individual tacit knowledge as being safe and reliable, and instead start to concentrate on the shared knowledge held within communities of practice.  

Think of knowledge as Collective rather than Individual, and you will be on teh right track.

Knoco stories: Tacit Knowledge and cognitive bias:

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Eagle Radio - News - When you should and shouldn't use the fog lights

This is my pet peeve. People driving with fog lights blaring whilst there is no fog. Idjats.

When you should and shouldn't use the fog lights

12:03am 6th January 2017
It will not just be freezing temperatures joining us on the journey to work this morning (January 6) - fog is also forecast.
The Met Office warns of lows of -4 °C and it will be cold and murky.
The message is to take extra care - leaving more time to defrost the car and for the journey itself.
But how do you deal with the fog?
There are fears many do not know when they should and shouldn't use fog lights.
The Highway Code has been offering its tips:
Here is what to do before setting off in the fog this morning, and once you are on your way:

Before setting off:

  • Do you know where your fog lights are? Check you know how to switch them on and off before you start driving. 

While driving in fog:

  • Go slower.
  • Maintain a greater distance between you and the car in front.
  • Make sure to use your wipers and to keep your windscreen demisted to aid visibility.
  • If the word ‘fog’ is shown on a signal, but the road is clear, be prepared for a sudden bank of fog or drifting, patchy fog.
  • Use your lights if visibility is reduced to 100 metres (328 feet) or roughly the length of a football pitch.
  • Do not use full beam, because the fog reflects the light back, reducing visibility even further.
  • Do not attempt to navigate using the tail lights of the car in front, as these can give a false sense of security.
  • If visibility is very limited, wind down your windows at junctions and crossroads to allow you to listen out for approaching traffic.
  • If you really cannot see, you should consider stopping until it is safe to continue.

When to use your fog lights:

  • Only when visibility drops below 100 metres (328 feet) which is roughly the length of a football pitch, this is stated by the Highway Code (rule 226).
  • If while driving in fog your car is involved in an accident and you weren't using your fog lights, it could invalidate your insurance.
  • Do not use full beam, because the fog reflects the light back, reducing visibility even further.
  • Turn them off when you can see more than 100 metres ahead - if you don't you could dazzle oncoming vehicles and cause an accident.
  • Police can fine you for using your fog lights inappropriately. 

Eagle Radio - News - When you should and shouldn't use the fog lights:

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Thinkpad E560 - AMD Radeon R7 M370 - Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2017 - OpenCL - amdocl64.dll - Greyed out

How frustrating! I have a new Lenovo E560 Laptop with 16Gb of Memory and a 2GB SSD drive. Awesome. OK, maybe not.

I have been struggling with Adobe CC for a month now and have installed all the latest AMD drivers etc and was not able to activate OpenCL for projects. Video rendering and playback was always greyed out. I kinda gave up. I knew the Intel Graphics card was taking preference but I could not solve the issue.

After watching Chinfat's new Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 series (you should watch this and subscribe) I thought I would have another go at fixing this.

If I opened a previous project created using a CUDA or OpenCL system I got this frustrating message so I knew there was an issue.

For millennials (short attention spans): - Here is what to do...

Rename amdocl64.dll to amdocl64.dll.annoyed in c:\windows\system32\

Start Premier Pro. Change General project settings to use OpenCL. Premiere Pro will play and render twice as fast but still half as fast an Nvidia CUDA card but still...

Technical bits. No need to read. Do as above and continue to play with phone...

AMD Radeon Versions:

Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M370

Radeon Settings Version - 2016.1204.1136.20853

OpenCL™ Version - 21.19.384.0

OpenGL® Version -


C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017>GPUSniffer.exe
--- OpenGL Info ---
Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
Renderer: AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M370
OpenGL Version: 4.5.13464 Compatibility Profile Context 21.19.384.0 7.1.542.0
GLSL Version: 4.50
Monitors: 2
Monitor 0 properties -
   Size: (0, 0, 1920, 1080)
   Max texture size: 16384
   Supports non-power of two: 1
   Shaders 444: 1
   Shaders 422: 1
   Shaders 420: 1
Monitor 1 properties -
   Size: (1920, 0, 1920, 1080)
   Max texture size: 16384
   Supports non-power of two: 1
   Shaders 444: 1
   Shaders 422: 1
   Shaders 420: 1

--- GPU Computation Info ---
Found 2 devices supporting GPU computation.
OpenCL Device 0 -
   Name: Oland
   Vendor: AMD
   Capability: 2
   Driver: 1.2
   Total Video Memory: 2048MB
OpenCL Device 1 -
   Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520
   Vendor: Intel
   Capability: 2
   Driver: 2

Solution source:

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Oh no, Twitterfeed is no more. Here is how to move (some) blogger feeds to

When you get a message, a few days before a site that you use all the time, is about to close doors the procrastination panic monster comes out of hiding.

18 Oct (2 days ago)Howdy, Twitterfeeders!We're writing to let you know that Twitterfeed will be shutting its doors on October 31st, 2016. It's been one heck of a run and we can't thank you enough for your loyal usage and support over the years.If you're looking for a service similar to Twitterfeed to continue using in our absence, we recommend checking out the good folks at Buffer ( or ( again for all the feeds!- MarioFounder, Twitterfeed 5th Ave. New York, NY 10010

Of course this is just the start of bad things that is about to happen to all of us. As deflation sets in and the value of currency falls we are in for a very bad time indeed. The problem is that our fiat currency has run its course and the rich simply cant get richer and the poor will get poorer. We owe trillions of dollars to someone but nobody knows who. Why mention this? Well, running a benevolent business that brings in no money apart from Add revenue, such as twitter feed, that has a huge operating cost is not sustainable. Kudos only goes so far and then, kablamo. But I digress...

This is not what I wanted to do tonight but needs must so here we go...

I use blogger to save web pages from important web sites, as they may go bust (case and point), and that annoys me as I obviously saw value in the page I saved.  So in effect I "archive" pages but more to the point of this exercise I monitise the pages and spam my followers on social media, tit for tat really. That has made me about $20 for this year. Whoo Hoo.

The revenue comes from Google adds but if you are anything like me, and I know you are, then you have an add blocker so it has no impact on your amazing life. At least I have saved the page I found interesting and saw value in until Google goes bust of course. If Google goes bust we all screwed anyway so I have no contingency for that. As above I am writing this blog post as a reminder to me on how to do this. Ramble ends here...

Moving a twitter feed to (for now)

The easiest way to create a feed for a blogger web site is the Google Feedburner service.

Here are the details of a typical RSS / Atom feed

9 Amazing subscribers! 0 reach! Whoo hoo!
"What is Reach? Reach is the total number of people who have taken action — viewed or clicked — on the content in your feed."
On that deflated note lets move on...

My personal blogger site, Ray said what?, has 15 subscribers and a reach of 1 but I have already configured the site in so I can spam you! has made it easy(ier) but there were challenges, hence this blogger post.

Step 1. Add the feed to

1.   Click on automate
2.   Get your feed details for feedburner or twitterfeed.
3.   *There may be a 512k limit error displayed - Add /feeds/posts/default?max-results=3
4.   Press the + (Plus) icon.
5.   Rename your feed. I have an ! in the feed. (Ray blogs about - Food!)
6.   Choose share immediately or add to queue (like buffer)
7.   Choose form Post most recent item now, post when a new post is made or spam all. (Duh!)
8.   Click on connect socials
9.   Connect your to your social networks. This gets tricky initially.
10. Once a social connection is set it can simply be added to any new feed. Very nice feature!
12. You can customise the feeds. Do this first! (opengraph etc)
11. Start posting! (spamming friends)

*How can I reduce Blogger's feed size below FeedBurner's 512K limit?

Stuff to keep in mind - Social Feeds.

The main sites for social posting is Facebook (duh), Twitter, Googl+ (yep it's still alive) and the very pointless (these days), Linkedin. features and customisation.

The available feeds.

And then this happened...

Hmmmm. This is a high price for spamming friends. Seeing my return is $20 a year this needs careful thought. Lest see how many feeds I can add. This will be the deal breaker.

Dammit! Looks like a waste of time or I have to split between this and buffer.

Twitterfeed nostalgia.

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