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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Standby and Hibernate in Ubuntu on a Thinkpad w510

 So by now you are ready to throw your Thinkpad off the balcony? You thinking to yourself, damn, I have been here before in 8.04, 8.10, 9.04 ... You get what I mean!

The Thinkpad W510 has two shiny new USB 3 ports. Great for speed but rubbish for standby!

All you need to do is start a Terminal session and issue:
sudo -i

gedit /etc/pm/config.d/unload_module &

add the following - SUSPEND_MODULES="xhci_hcd iwlagn" (*nix is CaSe SenSITIVE ok)

save and quit.

Restart and whoo hooo!


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