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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Holly crap Batman. I forgot the internet never forgets!

Ray's Rantings:

So many memories. I know technology moves on and things change, just look at Java, but the  way my peers are destroying the crown jewels makes me sad and very very upset.

This was my blog template created by Declan Lynch and it kicked ass. It still does. Even though this is from the wayback machine I opened the NSF file and all is still well. Try that with Xpages.

I have added my first entry in KL,  my last two entries in the UK, and the copied the first entry wayback saved. Some of this makes me sad and some upsets me. The only regrets I have is that I have no regrets.

My first entry in KL

So I am back

Category : General

It's been a while so I thought I write down a few of my thoughts on this neglected blog. The 16th of September came and went and since then it has been non stop fun fun fun and some work of course. My server is now running out of Kuala Lumpur and DynDNS is doing it's thang of redirecting several web sites to this dynamic IP address. The downstream speed will be slow as the fastest ADSL speed in Malaysia is 4MB. The change over to KL from a high speed Virgin line in the UK was abrupt but expected and I am surprised it has lasted this long anyway but more about that later.

IBM has been everything and more than I hoped for. My colleagues are all very professional and knowledgeable and easy to work with. Going to work is a pleasure! The opportunities out here are amazing as the Domino estate is generally on V6. The general complaint is that they have not seen the sales rep for ages and after a short demo of Notes 8.5.x all is well. I have been to Singapore a few times now and the IBMers down there are even more knowledgeable! We are busy with a few Lotus Foundations Branch office plays and one charity with quite a few Lotus Foundation Start opportunities. This week is mostly planning events for next year and it will be a good year for IBM. Unfortunately my extract has been rejected, again, but one must not grumble! I guess it's back to speaking at Lotusphere comes to you without ever having been there but at least some of my colleagues are going so that is good. I guess from looking at page hits some of the articles are popular so I will start blogging again and adding some tips and titbits on how to get the best out of Lotus software. I am taking over the Malaysian LUG this week and will post some good stuff in there as well. I manage to secure budget so standby for some great events in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a wonderful place with amazing people and the best way to describe it is organised chaos except when it rains then it is just chaos. Keep in mind that Malaysia is in the tropics and is mostly rain forest so from October onwards it rains quite a bit and the chaos increases but I love it! I think I will be here for quite a while.

My last two entry in my UK NSF file.


And it's good night from him and good night from me
Category : General

So hours remain before I leave on a jet plane not knowing when I will be back again.

I am packed, as far as you can pack a lifetime into 40KG, and ready to go. The next stop is Heathrow T3 and the Singapore airways A380 flight to Singapore and then on to Kuala Lumpur that will be my home for at least the next year.
The IBM office next to the One World hotel will be my base very soon and my official start date is the 16th of September. 

I really look forward to working with my new colleague Stephan Wissel in Singapore and we look forward to growing the IBM Lotus brand even further in Asia.

That said I am now going to sign off this machine, dissemble it and only pack the mother board, memory, CPU, and disks. I will have to visit the Low Yat centre full of computer bits and spend some money!

However, with a server in bits and a high end PC in bits with some bits in hold luggage and some in carry on going through Heathrow security is going to be a, bend over sir and take one for the team! I am not looking forward to that. Fortunately Lewis assisted me in getting a BMI Diamond gold card and seeing that Singapore Airlines is a Star Alliance partner my baggge allowance is 40KG. My carry on suitcase is another 20kg and my "laptop" bag 15. Hmmmm, interesting times await tonight.
OK, so that's it. I am outy! 

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My BMW is gone :((
Category : BMW

OK, reality is now setting in and the rude awaking has started. Stage 2 of my Work Visa to KL has been approved which means I can start work immediately. I was hoping for two weeks to get accomodation etc sorted but it is not to be.

Another reminder of my new challenge was that I sold the BMW today. It obviously knew it was about to be sold and decided to not to start first time as it usually does. It cranked for a few times and then started. Looking at the Interweb it could be the fuel pump so I knocked 300 Pounds of the price and the new buyer was very happy.

I was amazed by the response I had from my Autotrader advert and could perhaps have been due to the mistake on the milage saying 11, 946 instead of 111, 946! Anyway, here are some pictures of the beemie and a fine specimen she was. She will be missed! Here are the pictures on my Flickr Feed

The difference between dreams and accomplishments is desire

they imitate what Scott Adams must see in real live.  Not that he would be working in a cubicle anymore, or would he? 

Dilbert's view on life is pragmatic and sensible.  Shame he is destiny bound to failure. I own most of Dilbert's books and gives me great pleasure reading them especially on the loo. Sometimes I prefer the comics but the reason for this blog is to tell you to subscribe to 
Dogbert's news letter.  I have never been spammed by Dilbert or Dogbert and I know my email address has not been given out as it is in code and I will know!  I am going to publish some extracts from News Letter 48 (not the biggest news letter so far but Dogbert will do better next time) to make you want to subscribe and hope Catbert the evil HR director does not get upset!  Here goes in the Read More part!     
A picture named M2 A picture named M3   A picture named M4
Dilbert was on TV a month or so ago on a channel called FTN (123 on Telewest Digital) I wonder how you tell TV stations that you really enjoy a show and that they should keep broadcasting it?  The other day I was reminiscing about MacGyver and Lo and behold he appeared on my favourite channel, Bravo (138 on Telewest Digital) What a channel! MacGyver, MaxX with Junior Simpson, Emily Booth, All Australian adventures with Russel Coight, Hell Raisers hand book etc etc etc! 

Read More . . .
PermaLinkRay Davies is now a ND6 Principal Certified Lotus Professional (PCLP)Comments (3)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : ND6
Not to be outdone I booked myself on the new beta exam, Notes Domino 6: Configuring Domino Web Servers.  The pass score is 80% and there is a 105 questions to answer within two hours.  I must admit that you really need to know your stuff to pass this exam.  I know from experience that some would always say it's easy but you should put yourself in the average Joe's shoes when evaluating an exam.

The exam concentrates on how web sites are served and covers, redirection and substitution, http tasks, setup, architecture, File protection,  allowed methods, WebDav, session authentication, cookies, default lines per view, additional languages, SSL, ICL, rules and a few other obscurities.  Overall it is a good test of knowledge of the web side of Domino.

To book the beta exam send a message to "UKREGI," <>  mentioning your Prometric number, favourite test center, and required date and time.  The prometric staff was excellent and responded to my request immediately.  I also asked for the exam to be re booked for today and they were very nice about it.  A big thank you to Patricia for being so nice.  " A breath of fresh air in a stale old world" Ray 2003

Oh the beta exam is free until August so what are you waiting for? 

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PermaLinkPlaying the stock market in BlogsharesComments (1)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : DayDreams

A while ago 
Ed Brill mentioned Blogshares and I took a look. In short you register for free, list your blogsite and wait.  While your site is being processed you can go and buy blogshares in other blogs sites listed.  Some are dirt cheap and others are really expensive.  You get $500 to start with and you need to invest wisely.  Buy low sell high!  While your site is low you may get the odd person looking and if they are kind or greedy they may buy some of your shares.  The best part of this is the interaction.Teck has bought some share in my blog and I bought some share in her blog. In the mean time we had fleeting conversation using the built in message board. Although it is only funny money and a game it does feel good when others start buying your stock and your analyst reports is good!

My buying strategy is base on Lotus Notes Blogsphere template user and other NSF users out there.  I know its predictable but hey.  Also, the rating system works by counting outgoing links form your blog to recognised blogshare listed blogs thus forcing you to go and read interesting blogs!

It makes you want to improve your blog and that can not be a bad thing!  I have captured my Analyst report for prosperity!  Please read more on Blogshares!   

Ray's listing in Blogshares 
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PermaLinkUpgrading/Recovering your Sony Vaio PCG-C1XN Picture bookComments (0)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : Hardware
Sony support has always been just adequate. If there is a problem, and lets face it with Windows that is a given, then Sony recommends you reinstall from the recovery CD and loose all your work. Great!  What about upgrading Windows 98 to Windows XP? Apparently it is more robust and easier to recover. Hmm.  What about upgrading your disk from 6GB to 40GB? A 40GB drive costs less than a 100 squid these days. These are all (relatively) easy tasks on a standard PC or laptop.  With a Picture Book it is a challenge and openheart surgery is required.  THIS WILL INVALIDATE YOUR GUARANTEE!  However, your picture book is probably quite old and these upgrades will breath new live into her so does the guarantee really matter? This procedure is not for ham fisted impatient types. You have been warned!  Take your time and take care and your Sony Picture book will happily run as Lotus Notes Server at a customer site while you take the primary server offline for some unscheduled maintenance!  Users may complain that it is a bit slow but hey, if only they knew what replaced the mega Dell Server!   
A picture named M2
The Picturebook is an amazing PC and mine has been everywhere in world.  There is nothing more satisfying than creating an interesting blog entry reminiscing on some beach or other exotic site! (see Baxka page - Around the world) It is small enough to carry with you, the standard battery lasts for about two hours and the extended battery for five hours. For Internet access use Sony's Bluetooth dongle and a proper Nokia phone like the 7650 on GPRS and for an external drive, for those times you emulate a Dell server, use a Firewire drive or drives! There is a built in camera that is not to bad that can be used for pictures and movies and video conferencing.  

However, the screen is small at 1024x400 but you can easily plug in a bigger screen and there is a composite out for Video.  If you use a Targus Port replicator with keyboard and mouse ports then it can be used as a desktop without being a luggable. It weighs less then a Kilo.

In this blog I will explain with picture the procedure you need to follow.  I have also added links to sites that will help you buy the correct bits. Happy surgery! 

Sony Vaio Picture book Links
PC Magazine 
Sony Vaio Picture Book FAQ's 
Sony FAQ's 
Sony Vaio Picture book Forum 
Linux on the Picture Book 
Sony PCG-V1XS Picturebook Camera Capture Program 
List server 
Kryz Home Page 
Sony's Support page (Americas) 
Sony Europe - Use your serial number in this site 
The Sony Vaio PCG-C1 Picturebook Project 
Running Linux on a Sony C1VG Picturebook 
Around the world with a Pictue Book! baxka guestbook 
Steve Barr 

Read More . . .
PermaLinkWowzers - You can add a blog entry via the web!Comments (0)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : OpenNTF
How cool is this!
You can add entries to your Blog via the web!
Can you add a picture as well?    Hell Yah!
OpenNTF rocks!
How do you edit it though?

PermaLinkOpenNTF Rocks!Comments (1)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : OpenNTF


OpenNTF is showing the way in Collaborative Domino Development.  Under 
Declan Lynch's guidance the Domino community now has a Web Log Database second to none.  The application is professionally written and feature rich.  It is an example of Best Practices and a coming together of methods used that would otherwise be out of reach to most. 

The Domino community should take notice of this database and implement its lessons and methods.  Tremendous effort has gone into this database and the best way to reward the 
OpenNTF team is to use this database and its derivatives everywhere possible to showcase what Domino can actually do.  By creating the market we are expanding the market thereby creating opportunity for all us including the OpenNTF team. 

It is time Lotus Notes aficionados stop marching around like lowly moping foot soldiers and become generals and force fence sitting organizations to upgrade to ND6 as soon as possible.  By demonstrating databases such as the 
OpenNTF Mail filethe OpenNTF BlogSphere database, the outstanding OpenNTF DomBulletin and others we can easily convince any organisation to upgrade and secure OUR futures. 

I would like to extend my gratitude to the OpenNTF team for the BlogSphere database!
PermaLinkCasper de Vries in die badComments (0)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : South Africa

My brother sent me a copy of HH Hoofsaaklik Humor! A few years ago and I was a bit disappointed. However, he has now sent me WalgWors Live and I must say that I (almost) laughed my head off.  Ok, it is not for everybody!  You need to be an Afrikaaner that went to 
primary school or High school around 1975.  If your folks had a Telefunken or Blaupunkt or a Sony TV with a huge speaker and you watched Haas das se nuus kas then this is for you. You will need to run a nice bath, put the legitimate CD in the bathroom friendly CD player, get a nice long Klipdrift and Coke ready, send the kids for some ice-cream and relax. 

I did copy the CD to MP3, for my own use of course, but decided to read the CD inset and found this... "Moet asseblief nie hierdie CD oortape vir you vriende of familie of geliefdes nie.  Ek vra mooi... Indien jy well hierdie CD sou tape vir iemand nadat jy hierdie pleitende versoek gelees het, sal you belangrikste organe binne twee weke afvrot!"  Uhmm, My privates are like Mother Theresa as well Casper, not very pretty but does good work! 

I have logged on to 
Casper's web site and have added the relevant links.  I will send this Blog note to Casper and ask him very nicely, ag asseblief ou Casper, if I can publish some of the extracts as I found it very funny.  If Casper gives me permission I will add sound to some of the text I will write in the Read More section.  In any event I would recommend this album to any interested party but I must warn that after great comedy the two songs at the and seems like padding and is superfluous and is much louder than the rest of the CD and will force you out of the bath prematurely.    You can (could have) buy the cd from here but apparently it is all sold out and a new DVD is on its way. Uhmm, Casper, our CD players do not play DVD's.  How about a MP3 download shop rather? If you use Music Match then you can easily take an MP3 album and transfer it to a standard CD format.

After researching my old schools for this story I may add a specific section about South Africans in Kingston upon Thames and London in my Blog because there are so many of us over here.  I could start a new forum thread on 
Read More . . .
PermaLinkKart racing for allComments (0)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : Outdoors

have been past the 
Surbiton raceway track many times but never stopped.  This time I made good use of the brilliant sunshine and took my 16 year old nephew kart racing.  For 35 pounds you get two 15 minute sessions around a tight circuit with a great back straight. They provide all the gear and they have some refreshments available. Surbiton raceway use 200cc Biz karts with disk brakes. They do not go that fast but when you are a few centimetres of the ground it sure is fast.  The pro karts can reach speeds of 68 Miles per hour. The web site mentions a number of other events as including the new Ironman challenge. A whole hour on a very demanding circuit.  I need more practise!  I have been on the Ferrari challenge and that was a lot of fun.  In the read more section I have posted some of my racing experiences with more to follow. 
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PermaLinkSouth Africa's indigenous dialects - excruciatingly funny (for South Africans)Comments (1)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : South Africa
I am the first to admit that most South Africans have a peculiar usage and  pronunciation of English.  However the indigenous dialect is very funny.
Here are some examples!...   There are more in the rest of this story

Here are my favourites
AWA - as in "awa dee mands"
BECK - Not the front
BEDS - Doves vultures, white spotted bush chicken (alias guinea fowl)
BEN - to set alight and then you could be bent
COMPOOTA - Intel's marvellous invention
CUDS - you can play poker or rummy with them
DENSE - To move rhythmically to music
DETTY - opposite of clean
GUDDIN - around your house, where you grow "kebbi jees"
JEMS - little bugs that give you the flu
KLEENIX - where nesses weck
PARROT TEKSI - not a mamba of the teksi assoseshen
PEE PULL - die mense  powa to da pee pull
PEVMUNT - where you wak nex to the strit, and where some teksi's druv
PHLEGM - the hot part at the end of a candle
REE KWEST - replaced by dee mands
SHEEP - big steel boat
SUFFA RING - as in "the pee pull are suffa ring"
TOKS - negotiations
UMMY - military force
WEANER - As in the weaner takes all
WEKKAS - hey do the wek
WEMS - small crawly creachaars

Please respond if you have more of these nuggets. En You Ga Ga Ee Tea Sea.
PermaLinkHis-Tory - Everything happens somewhere at sometimeComments (3)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : DayDreams

Todays Referrers
Blogs I read
Bikes in the Fast Lane
Bruce Elgort
Declan Lynch
Domino Dude
Ed Brill (IBM)
Genii Software
Home of the Bilderbeast
Jake Howlett
Lotus Geek
Mike Golding
NFS Tools
Notesgirl Libby's Spot 
Project DX
Random Musings on Life
Richard Schwartz 
Rune Carlsen
Stephen Mitchell
Steve Castledine
Tastes Just Like Chicken. 
The weird world of eknori

His-Tory is a new way of recording history and to a degree the future.  The concept is based on a spatial reference that defines a space in four dimensions.  The simplified earth Geo Reference is based on Longitude and Latitude and height above or below sea level. The final dimension is time with a simplified date and time used based on the standard GMT 24 hour clock and Georgian calendar.

What is His-Tory about then?

His-Tory is all about defining the timeline using collaboration of witnesses and research deposited in a secure repository of information for future use by all humanity.

Imagine a particularly significant building in you town.  You are looking at it in the present soon to be the past.  If something significant happens then it can be recorded as history on that spot at a known time.  In the same way other events have occurred on that particular spot and they may have been recorded as well.  The timeline for the spot in question goes back to the formation of the earth and beyond.  Historians would be interested in the spot as far back as historically relevant while archaeologists would be interested in the spot as far back as archeologically relevant whereas geologists would be interested even further in time and theorists would be interested forever. There is more...
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PermaLinkMelanie C at the Hammersmith Empire – No frills, just energy.Comments (0)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : Party

My daughter surprised me with tickets to the Melanie C concert tour that she won on the Disney channel.  As an old Spice Girls fan I was naturally keen to go as Mel C was always my favourite Spice Girl.  After reports that she refused to get together with the Spice Girls for a reunion I was a bit puzzled but after seeing her perform I understand why. As a solo act she is powerful and emotive.  Some of the ballads midway through the concert was almost mesmerizing and her ability to rouse the crowed with a simple beat was extraordinary.  Far from being an icon or superstar her music did all the work and all she did was supply heaps of energy. Not a single lip-sync all night!  As a result her fans are fans for life and will always see Melanie as a down to earth Liverpudlian girl that created an opportunity through hard work.  If you have not bought her two albums then do it now!  In the rest of this story I have included some of the picture taken and added some links.   If you open the page a 70 second intro of Let's Love (Song 11) will (should) play twice.  To stop just press the stop button on your browser
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PermaLinkWhoo-Hoo 2Mbps Blueyonder broaband Internet service now availableComments (1)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : Internet

article in
Telewest to 'blow users away' with uber-broadband
"High-speed surfing is like all good things in life -- once you've had a taste you want more..."
Telewest is signing up users for a 2Mbps broadband connection, which the UK cable company claims will give them a "mind blowing" internet experience.
The service will cost 55 Pounds per month for people who don't also sign up for Telewest's telephone service, or 50 Pounds per month for those who do.
The launch follows a successful trial of the service earlier this year, and means that Telewest customers can choose from a 512Kbps, a 1Mbps or a 2Mbps internet connection.

To upgrade you will need to sign on to 
Selfcare.  Use the same account number that you would use to update your PWP (Personal Web Page) site.   
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PermaLinkWhy you should always check if Parcelforce will be usedComments (0)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : Outdoors

We have all done.  It is analogues to a rough night out.  The morning after we all say "Never again!!" The same goes for any Parcelforce delivery. I am generalising now but hey this is my view and my story!  I ordered a swanky cowboy hat from 
The Belfry  using their online shop.  No problems.  I choose the 35 Dollar shipment charge assuming they will be using a proper courier company.  Oh boy.  I started shouting at poor Amy a week later asking about my new hat as I was booked on course with Ray Mears.  Amy then sent me a tracking number from USPS and that is when the fun started.  The tracking form said a delivery was attempted but I did not receive a missed delivery card.  5 weeks later and 30 Pounds poorer I have my new hat.  Here is the story about parcelforce... 
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PermaLinkInstalling Actinic Catalog 25 V6 on Lotus Domino V6Comments (0)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : ND6

Actinic Catalog is an entry level Web Shop that is extensible and very customizable.  It can be upgraded to Actinic Business and Actinic Developer. It is easy to use and maintain that makes it a winner for the SME sector.  You can host your shop at Actinic or install the shop on a Perl capable web server.   I will endeavor to take you through the installation of this package on Domino 6.01CF1.  
Atnetix is hosting a shop called Mr B's on Actinic software and can be viewed at  Obviously the site still needs work! 
Read More . . .
PermaLinkMoving Lotus Notes back in to the limelightComments (0)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : ND6
Here are some ideas, some good, some not so good, but I like them.

1.        Creating LPSS (Lotus Professional Services and Solutions)
2.        Starting the "It Works" Campaign
3.        OpenNtf UK presence and focus

4.        Nifty Fifty
5.        ND6 Hitsquad
6.        His-Tory
7.        The campaign for real ASP
8.        IBM unwitting owner of the product of the decade
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PermaLinkThe Domino Blogbeer night outComments (2)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : LPSS

Oh Dear, I did upset some people with my comments.  Others were rather rude and vindictive but it is in their nature if you know the animal. Fortunately Blogs can be edited at will and derogative comments can be deleted.
What I really needed to say was that the Beer night was a great success.  It was with trepidation that I attended expecting clicky circles and anoraks.  However, what I found was a great bunch of guys that I hope I did not alienate.   I was just a little more enthusiastic than they were used to.  
A news article was published a while ago on one of the 
Domino Blogs that caught my attention.   It was a great idea and we should do it again soon. 
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PermaLinkMr B's - Quality BiltongComments (0)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : South Africa

As with all South Africans I take a keen interest in butcheries and I do notice when my favourite meat, Biltong, is being displayed. I first spotted Biltong being displayed in Bracknell in a Dewurst chain butchery called West.  The new manger, Richard Bailey, was friendly and although from Wales did live in South Africa for a long time.  Since then a lot has happened.  Check out the web site for 
Mr B's   It is not complete yet and I will add stuff soon. 
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PermaLinkCampcraft 2003 with Ray MearsComments (1)
Written By : Ray DaviesCategory : Outdoors

It has been my privilege to meet Ray Mears in person.  When speaking amongst friends and fellow woodlore students Ray is as passionate as on television.  His knowledge of the bush is extraordinary and his ability to communicate effectively with a diverse group of individuals is very welcoming.  

Rays web site can be found at 
Ray Mears

If you are considering attending a course then I would most definitely recommend it.

Ray Mears can be seen on TV in Survival with Ray Mears and Extreme Survival with Ray Mears.  The first time I saw Ray was on a BBC2 program called Tracks.  This ground breaking program used Nicam Stereo effectively and made my TV come alive. 

Read More . . .
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