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Thursday, 27 September 2012

HiMedia HD910A 3D HD Media Player with WiFi

Very impressed with my new media player so far. Only cost RM350.

It's been firmware upgraded and I found an English manual. Great stuff.

HiMedia HD910A 3D HD Media Player with WiFi [EA00085] - $129.99 : NIKINGSTORE, Buy Cool Gadgets Online with Better Price and Better Service:

All Firmware released are compatible with all HiMedia HD900A/HD910A/HD900B
**Hard Reset Firmware Update Method*** (Recommended firmware update method)
1.Unzip the downloaded file, and copy the install.img into USB flash drive, plug into the USB port
2.Hold the reset button on the back of the player, and turn on the player
3.Release the reset button 5sec later, the system will start to update automatically
(User using AV output might not see the update screen, please switch to HDMI or Component Cable)
HiMedia HD900 Series Firmware Version (2012.May.3 Released)
Download (Firmware compatible with HD990A / HD910A / HD900B)
This update is modified base on
New Feature
1. Multi-Server Support for HiTV
2. Add to favorite support on local file playback & SAMBA playback (NFS and uPNP not supported yet)
3. Support manually load the subtitle file.
4. Arabic subtitle supported
Bug Fixed
1. File copying failure issue
2. Fix 0kb download speed bug in network diagnosis
3. Fix bugs when loading idx+sub subtitle
4. Fix bugs on MP4 online seamless playback
5. Fix issue on not saving TV output mode settings change.
6. Fix bugs on PPPoE dialing
7. Fix media db scan issue
8. Fix MP3 no audio output under RAW mode
9. Fix Facebook login issue
10. Fix bugs of BDMV menu display
11. Fix bugs on HDD format


  1. Hi there

    Am trying to get the english manual. If you have a softcopy, appreaciate it if you can share it with me.



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