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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Residence Pass in Malaysia Offers Expats a 10 Year Long Visa -

Residence Pass in Malaysia Offers Expats a 10 Year Long Visa -

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Residence Pass in Malaysia Offers Expats a 10 Year Long Visa
The Residence Pass in Malaysia is formally known as the Residence Pass–Talent (RP-T).  It is a fairly new visa option from the Malaysian Government that allows foreigners to work and live in Malaysia for up to 10 years.

Initiated by TalentCorp under the Economic Transformation Programme and available since April 2011, the Residence Pass enables highly qualified expatriates to work full time in the country without the need to be employer dependent, which gives current expats the freedom to change employers without having the need to renew the pass.

With the Residence Pass, expats’ spouses and children under 18 are also permitted to further their studies or to seek employment, albeit the latter option is only available to the spouse. Furthermore, expats that hold a Residence Pass make it possible for their dependent family members over 18, such as parents and parents-in-law, to be entitled for a five year social visit pass.

To be eligible for the Residence Pass in Malaysia, applicants need to be highly skilled individuals possessing the necessary professional qualifications, work experience (5 years of total work experience and 3 years of work experience in Malaysia), and hold a valid Employment Pass at the time of application. Potential candidates also have to earn a minimum of RM144,000 per annum.  In addition, candidates need to have an income tax file number in Malaysia along with having paid income tax for at least two years. Special preference will also be given to applicants who are employed in the 11 industries that form part of the National Key Economic Areas(NKEA).
The only downfall of the Residence Pass is that it requires applicants to have been working in Malaysia for a minimum period of three years, which means that interested applicants would have to obtain an Employment Pass and a job to begin with.

The main incentive for TalentCorp to issue the Residence Pass is to attract foreign talent to Malaysia.  The government hopes that with this new visa, expatriates along will local talents will help to produce better growth in the Malaysian economy, thus creating a win-win situation for both parties. And with the visa, expatriates who enjoy living here will also be free to discover Malaysia to its fullest extent with minimal restrictions.

Additional information on the RP-T can be found here.


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