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Friday, 28 June 2013


My ode to joy

You see Blue, I see Yellow
Yellow brings back fond memories
A big fish in a small pond
Stuff that worked, people that cared
People I will always care for

Blue brings anger and resentment
I was an expert in something
that fast became nothing
I was sprat in an ocean of sharks
There is no soul here, no one cares
You are nothing, you too Mr customer
You pay, they smile, you stop, they ignore
Your only significance
is on the bottom line for this quarter
No order, no love, no support.

I would like to say I switched the lights off
but many has beaten me to it
Time to follow all before me
Goodbye and thanks for all the fish
Yellow bleeders, you will be missed
Blue not so much (Think Borat)
Another one dives of the sinking ship
He may be insignificant but still ....


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