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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

RUBRIEK: Madiba is reeds dood | Nuus24

RUBRIEK: Madiba is reeds dood | Nuus24:

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This is a good writeup about what Mandala stands for today.

Below is the Google translation but it is terrible. Johan Swarts' Afrikaans is simply to complex to accurately translate.

Nelson Mandela is dead. man in 1995 Springbok Clothes a gold trophy above his head, is no longer with us. In its place is only an idol of - one that fifteen years later at a football stadium drove so that South Africa exited his feet could fall down and for a while forget how it really about their looks.Mandela is today an empty mythology. He became a story by parties, companies and pressure groups appropriated in order to profit and obedience to be squeezed out of the South African society. From its ideal little much. These days, he is simply the spirit that is summoned when the ruling party deeply divided or nothing substantive to say. he is the messiah that leftists use them of history saved by parts of it to wash away leaving only the most beautiful memories remaining. He is the demon that must be countered fears that right-wingers from other right-wingers can take advantage. He is the icon of gold coins in shopping centers that encourages us to buy pieces of earth without having to think about who still pieces of earth ground grounding. We still high on his legacy, but it has long been cheap and kitch made ​​by the way we engage with. Mandela nationally regarded as an inspiration, but few of us by his legacy to anything more than inspired 67 minutes of benefits per year. For the rest of the time we do not have much to realize his ideas. His dream of a South Africa where no one dominated, became hollow. The ruling party robbed and dominate the citizenry, the citizenry continues to participate in an economy that is in many ways still artificially bent. Unrest increases and the school system is crashing. When Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela in the flesh dies, the nation mourning. We will remember him as a paragon of social justice: as the conciliator, the equalizer, the father of the nation. We will be tremendously moved, but probably still do little to his vision as us little about it. After the funeral we will turn off our televisions and continue with business as usual. In this way he is now dead remain dead. Political parties will still inkanteer his name when they need it. Companies will continue harnessing as a handy selling tool. The leftists and the rightists will still have him fight while the poor remain poor. We will his face still on coins, emblems, soeweniere and billboards paste the mythology of Mandela remains worship, but nothing practical accomplish his ideals to be achieved. We lydelikheid will keep our nice words about him just as hollow as it currently is. This will be a great rougeleentheid, but if the current state of affairs must be taken into account, Mandela's death will not take much for South Africa . It can not. We have already killed.


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