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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

IBM To Spend Another $1 Billion On LInux - Business Insider - Joke of the day really

Virginia Ginni Rometty

IBM To Spend Another $1 Billion On LInux - Business Insider:

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IBM on Tuesday will announce that it has committed $1 billion to convince its customers to use Linux, a freely available open source operating system that competes with Windows, reports The Wall Street Journal's Don Clark.
This is the second time that IBM coughed up $1 billion to promote Linux. The first was way back in 2000, when Linux was a fledgling operating system just finding its way into enterprise data centers and beginning to threaten Microsoft.
Microsoft spent years trying to scare customers away from Linux, at one point even saying that Linux violates 235 patents and hinting that enterprises using it could be sued. 
But the scare tactics didn't work and Linux adoption grew, in large part due to IBM's vote of confidence. There's hardly an enterprise data center on the planet today that isn't using Linux and it has become the operating system of choice for the world's biggest, fastest computers, as well as for huge Internet companies like Google and Facebook.
But Linux has not killed Windows Server. Not even close.
Servers running Linux now command 23% of new server purchases by enterprises, where servers running Microsoft Windows command 49%, according to IDC's latest quarterly server report.
We'll see what happens now that IBM will pour another $1 billion in. IBM will use the money to create a “development cloud,” built with its own Power servers that run on Linux. Customers will be able to use it for free to test Linux applications remotely, reports Clark.
The money will also be spent on IBM's executive briefing centers where enterprises can do workshops and get demonstrations on Linux Power servers.
I am sorry but this is just pure bullshit! As an ex IBMer and key Linux user / promoter internal this is nonsense. Firstly, customers only buy certified and supported OS's. That means they buy Red Hat, full stop. SUSE is no longer on the cards due to the MS episode. So, you buy an IBM "server" (an overpriced under performing piece of kit that adheres to no standards apart from what IBM decides) and here is the cracker people, you will now have to buy an IBM "linux" OS! Yes free software has now become closed software. Duh!
I have seen several Linux initiatives on the desktop take off and fly just to get shot down by the accountants and blue tape staff. 
If you want to piss your money away then keep on buying IBM kit and software. You will soon learn the folly of your ways.
Complete rubbish.



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