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Monday, 6 January 2014

xiaomi - a company to watch

The more I learn about Xiaomi the more I like them.

about us:

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  • Company Overview

    Xiaomi is a mobile internet company dedicated to creating an all aspect user experience. Founded in 2010, the company has fast become one of the leading tech firms in China. The company is currently valuated at over 10 billion USD and has over 3000 employees.
    Xiaomi's main portfolio of products includes:
    - Xiaomi Phones: high quality and performance Android devices
    - MIUI ROM: highly customizable ROM that can be flashed across multiple Android devices
    - MiTalk: a preeminent messaging application
    - MiBox: A smart set-top box the enriches your TV experience
  • Our Culture

    “Just for fans” is the slogan of Xiaomi as every step of the way is led by our hardcore fans. Amongst our staff, many were initially a fan of Xiaomi products before they decided to join us. Not only do we have a passionate team but we all have the same attitude: relentless pursuit of perfection. So, we constantly refine and enhance what makes the best user experience possible. We are also a team that is fearless when it comes to trying out new concepts that break tradition and push boundaries. It is with this mentality and dedication, combined with the support of Xiaomi fans that has made Xiaomi products so unique.
  • Logo

    The “MI” in our logo is short for Mobile Internet. But it also has other meanings, one of which is “Mission Impossible” because upon establishing Xiaomi, there were many barriers to defy and it seemed quite impossible at the time.


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