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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I-Nex - a great CPU/GPU/Kernel system profiler application similar to CPU-Z

Every now and again I need to check the hardware in a Linux machine. There are command line facilities but I-Nex does a great job.

The following is a subset of what is available:

CPU GPU Motherboard audio drives system Kernel Memory Network USB Battery

Download i-Nex here:

A prerequisite is Gambas at version 3.4 or later.

"Gambas 3 is the next generation, open source and free Gambas development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, such as Visual Basic.

Gambas is comprised of the following programs: a compiler, an archiver, an interpreter, a development environment, and a graphical user interface component.

With Gambas, you can quickly design a GUI (Graphical User Interface), pilot KDE applications with DCOP, access PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, translate your program into many languages, build network applications, and much more."

Gambas is, before all, a Basic language with object extensions.

Add this PPA to upgrade Gambas.


by Ray Davies via Ray's Linux observations


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