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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked, Look What They Found Out... - The Meta Picture

People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked, Look What They Found Out... - The Meta Picture:

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There is in app in here.

My two cents**

Restaurants should embrace phones and ensure the menu is easily available from the WiFi access menu.

All patrons should have full access to a walled garden and only have full internet access after the food is ordered.

The bill should be dynamic and split multiple ways.

Payment should be via a restaurant branded micro payment app.

Each group photo requires a micro payment tip and once complete will send a request to the waiter for a photo.

Each picture taken should require a micro payment tip and will include some nice factual / advertising words about the restaurant.

Each good reviewer should get a proportionate discount.

Each bad reviewer should get "special" treatment and get charged more when they return.


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