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Friday, 4 July 2014

Warranty Information : Warranty Information : Sony Asia Pacific

Warranty Information : Warranty Information : Sony Asia Pacific:

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It is all in the small print highlighted in this post. For example "The TLW is often mistaken as an International Warranty"

Here are my views on Sony:

If you buy a Sony device (Sony Xperia Z or ZL) outside of your normal residence and it breaks, and it is guaranteed to brake at least once in the first year, you are in a world of hurt. Firstly you have to try and communicate with a unhelpful unresponsive staff that does their utmost to not assist you. The web site for support SUCKS! You have to courier this to them, in my case Malaysia and hope for the best. Malaysia has draconian import rules for Mobile phones, a bribery payments to be honest, so if you put the value of the parcel at more than £50 you will get hit with import duties, if you don't put the true value of the phone and it gets lost, and there is a high probability of this, then you are seriously out of pocket. If Sony repairs the phone, in this case simply replace the battery as they fail in the Z and ZL all the time then you have to somehow pay to get it back to you and go through the same sequence. This can take months. The last repair was two months!

My two cents: The ZL is a great phone with a crap sealed battery. Sony is a just a crap company to deal with. Avoid them like the plague.

Warranty Information
Warranty Information

For information on local warranties, please refer to the Sony website in your country/area for more information.

Q1: What is the TLW (Tourist Limited Warranty)?

  • The TLW is a warranty that is issued* to customers at the point of purchase when they purchase selected products out of their country/area of residence.
    * Please see Q2.

Q2: Who issues the TLW?

  • The TLW is issued by selected authorised dealers in selected countries/areas. Please contact the Sony office in yourlocal country/area for the most updated information.

Q3: What are the terms of the TLW?

  • The TLW warrants the Sony product to its original purchaser against defects in material or workmanship during ordinary consumer use, as follows:
    For a period of 1 (one) year from the Date of Purchase, Sony will bear the labor charges and the costs of parts needed for the repair of the product determined to be defective by the Authorized Service Centers or Sony Service Centers listed in the TLW card or other facilities designated by the Contacts listed in the TLW card ("Sony's Repair Facility(ies)")
    To receive the warranty services, the defective product, together with the TLW card and the Receipt and Invoice has to be delivered, by hand or sent by prepaid delivery service, to a Sony's Repair Facility, at your own risk and expense. The repaired product may be returned by post (air/surface) upon your request and at your own risk and expense. When submitting the Sony product for warranty service, it is important that the model and serial number on the Sony product matches the model and serial number stated on the TLW card.

Q4: What products are applicable for TLW?

  • Please contact the Sony office in your local country/area for the most updated information.

Q5: Is the TLW valid in all countries/areas?

  • No, the TLW is only valid in the Sony companies in selected countries/areas.The TLW is often mistaken as an International Warranty that is valid in Sony companies worldwide. Please note that this is not the case. The TLW is only valid in:

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  1. Thank you so much! That did the trick, you saved me more endless hours of searching for a fix.

    Sony Mobile Service Center Chennai


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