xmind-3.4.1 crack

Today want astah pro 6.8 crack, but the code has been confusion decompile basic can not see, finally gave up.
Paint with XMind Shiyou projections evil, 
the Internet has already been cracked, and the RI has also been achieved, but the two people are not released crack.
After trial and error, and finally completed the break, but since it did not want to study the encrypted part, so do not do RI.
Because the use of an alternative way of jar package, so Windows, Linux, Mac should be universal.
Note that the latest version of XMind 2013 (3.4.1) , other versions may not be used.
Crack screenshot:

  1. Use accessories plugins directory covering corresponding file
  2. Click on the menu [help] "[...] the serial number
  3. Click on the link [who have purchased and activated, please view / modify the serial number! 
  4. Just fill in the registration information
  5. Click the OK button
PS. Serial Number fill yisufuyou to activate the Pro version of Oh, the other is Plus Edition