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Friday, 25 July 2014

Zuma's little girl lands top state job

Zuma's little girl lands top state job:

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Ehhhhhhh.  Eishhhhh.

Zuma's little girl lands top state job

Written by  eTeam
    Zuma's little girl lands top state job
    At 25 one of Presient Jacob Zuma's many children stands to make history as the person who landed one of the highest jobs in the country at the lowest age with the shortest CV.
    Thuthukile Zuma has become chief of staff in the telecoms department in the minister's office.
    The Mail & Guardian reports Thuthukile was a lowly public liaison officer a few weeks ago. Now she is in the powerful position of chief of staff after two months in the job and pockets a million rand a year.
    Her rise to riches has raised concerns about political nepotism at the renamed department of telecommunications and postal services. It appears the post was never advertised, although ministers have the prerogative to make these appointments without going through the normal processes. Several departments do advertise such posts to ensure they attract the best-qualified candidates.
    Thuthukile is the youngest of the president's four daughters with ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, a former Cabinet minister who is currently chairperson of the African Union Commission.
    According to the report in the M&G a chief of staff position requires "extensive management experience, an understanding of ministerial services and parliamentary functions to take charge of the overall management of the ministry, knowledge of the Public Service Management Framework and Public Finance Management Act".
    Zuma's little girl completed her undergraduate BA degree in 2011. She worked – or "volunteered" – at the ruling party's headquarters for a while and then joined the State Security Agency and spent less than a year there.
    She received an honours degree in anthropology in June 2012.
    After the elections in May Thuthukile moved from the State Security Agency to the new telecommunications ministry where she was soon promoted by the new minister - Zuma loyalist Siyabonga Cwele - himself.


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