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Monday, 25 August 2014

Biophotons, Light Emmissions And Prana Flow - Intl. Starseed Network

Biophotons, Light Emmissions And Prana Flow - Intl. Starseed Network:

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Biophoton emission is the scientific term for the communication and flow of subtle energy and information in the form of light between living cells and organisms. I offer the following brief scientific overview of biophoton emissions for those interested in the technical aspect. In your own healing it is necessary to know only what you are going to change and how you plan to go about it. However, the science behind understanding healing may help some people put together the pieces of the puzzle.

Everytime a chemical bond is formed, light is absorbed in the bond. Every time a chemical bond breaks, light is emitted. At any given point in your body, there are trillions of chemical bonds forming and breaking; therefore, light is constantly being absorbed and emitted in your body. This light plays an essential role in catalyzing or inhibiting various chemical reactions throughout the body.

Every chemical bond has an ideal frequency for that chemical bond. In order for that bond to take place, the surrounding light must alter its frequency to to be more aligned with the ideal frequency for that bond formation. The closer the light is to the optimal frequency range, the more easily the chemical reaction will occur. For small molecules, the influence the light has on the reaction rate is immeasurable, but for large molecules such as proteins and DNA, these varying light frequencies have a great influence on the rate of reaction.


Everything emits its own energy signature. Every living thing coordinates all its life functions through its unique pattern of energy frequencies. With every intention there are countless neurons sending pulses of energy to other neurons. Whenever a neuron sends an impulse to another neuron, there is a charge buildup between membranes. A spark then transfers the charge between neurons, creating an impulse. This spark is quite visible, as it emits large amounts of light, which permeates the entire body, catalyzing and inhibiting various chemical reactions throughout the body. This is how people see thought patterns as light.

Every illness emits a signature frequency of light. The body recognizes this information and intensifies its immune reaction accordingly. This emitted light is visible to those who practice and develop the skills. These can be distinguished as "signature frequencies" for diseases. For example , when viewing asthma in someone, it has the appearance of a thick foggy substance in the airways of the lungs. Every cell withen the lungs appear contracted. As you treat the ailment you see the fog dissipate. Ask the person your treating to imagine burning the blockages out at the same time, until you see the air passages clear.


Some diseases, specifically some types of cancer, inhibit the release of light, so the body doesn't easily recognize the illness as being a problem. Our body's biochemical responses are iniated by the body's response to biophoton emissions; if this is blocked through the cloaking ability of the cancer, the disease remains invisible to the body's immune system, and it can grow unprotected for some time. However, the light will intensify as the disease progresses, until the body becomes aware of its presence and responds. Rarely cancer can't be "seen" but will show up in a full scan. It is important to know that through the intention of the person, the immune process can still be stimulated. That is, that the fact that a disease is cloaking the light energy does not mean that the body does not have a functioning immune system.

Energy treatments make use of the frequency signature, or wave, of disease. When doing a treatment, try to reach a coherent resonance with the person's frequency and emit a wave inverse to that which the illness is emitting. This inverse energy wave neutrilizes the frequency the disease is emitting, The person's body receives the signal, resonates with the new frequency and absorbs this energy as information. It then registers how to nuetralize the problem and sets healing in motion. The basis for everything in holographic healing is light. Biophotons emitted from every process in every cell is the light seen when doing a treatment.

Light can also help speed up chemical reactions in the body. Let's say I have a problem with my foot which I intend to heal. My healing intentions simultaneously releases light and biochemicals. Light travels faster than biochemicals ans so reaches my foot first and prepares foot cells to receive the body's biochemicals necessary to initiate the healing process. By the time the biochemicals physically attach to the cell, the cell is ready and waiting: All the biochemicals are aligned so that the process occurs efficiently. Although this chemical reaction may have a relatively small effect, cumalatively, these light emmissions have a large effect on the organism.

The cumulative light frequencies emitted from a multi-cellular organism coordinate and unify all the cells into one harminiuos organism. Light coordinates life.

Remember, light from one organism (person) is capable of entering other organisms and influening it. This is how your healing thoughts and intentions affect those around you. The light emitted from your intentions enters another person, influencing a series of chemical reactions that benifet the person's health.


For this reason, it is essential that you change not only your own intentions to be more aligned with healing but encourage those around you to be positive as well. If you are positive and everyone around you is negative, the light emitted from negative energy counters what you are trying to do. Likewise, if everyone around you is positive, their intentions will amplify your intentions.

Every thought you think influences light, which influences those around you, which influences life. That is why it is essential to reprogram your thought patterns in the direction of habitual positive thinking since it truly does make a difference.


It is interesting to see an aura and looking at a person holographically how light emmissions are effected by drugs. This is because drugs- of any type - alter the biophoton emissions that are emitted by the body. Even over-the-counter medications change body chemistry and alter the ability to clearly read an aura or holographic image and determine energy blockages. The good news is that even if you are taking medications, you are able to assist your own healng through your intention, which is your most powerful ally.

Distant healing and healing face-to-face both involve light emissions. Light emitted from a person's intentions does not travel by ordinary means. Rather, the connection works in a complex manner by influencing the field of information that we all share. The action is instantaneous and does not "travel" withen the intervening space.

Everyone is connected to an infinite field of energy and information that is always there for you to tap into and use for an infinite amount of abilities and knowledge. The only thing holding you back is doubt and fear. Know you have the power and abiliy to achieve and do anything you can imagine. Prana,Chi,Ki or whatever you want to call it is there for you to use and progress. Embrace your inate abilities and divine nature.

Lots of Love


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