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Monday, 15 September 2014

One-Wheeled Electric Micro-cycle Lets Riders Travel in Ease and Style - My Modern Met

One-Wheeled Electric Micro-cycle Lets Riders Travel in Ease and Style - My Modern Met:

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Move over, Segway, a new personal mobility vehicle has rolled into town. After his 13-year-old daughter asked if it was possible to build a one-wheeled motorcycle that she had seen in a video game, engineer Chris Hoffmann spent the next seven years making that dream a reality by constructing the RYNO, a futuristic-looking electric unicycle.
Touted as the world's first micro-cycle, the RYNO balances itself front-to-back, but relies on the rider to maintain side-to-side balance because of the single wheel. Leaning forward and backward controls acceleration and deceleration, while leaning to the side makes the vehicle turn in a smooth arc. The RYNO is powered by rechargeable batteries, with one 6-hour charge providing enough juice for 10 miles. It can travel up to speeds of 10 mph, putting it in the same regulatory category as the Segway—meaning it's allowed on pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, and even indoors in some places.
According to Hoffmann, the electric scooter is aimed at many of the same people who use Segways: security guards, police officers, farmers, outdoor event coordinators, and tech lovers in general. The seat makes the RYNO more comfortable to use for long stretches of time, while the micro-cycle's light weight and small, one-wheeled frame make it easy to transport.
If you're interested in getting your hands on your own RYNO, it's available for preorder with a price tag of $5,295. Be sure to check out RYNO Motors' website for more details.
RYNO Motors website
RYNO Motors on Facebook
via [Inhabitat]


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