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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Time to shake things up. Restructuring andDROIDdevs to be a Internet of Things company

Working in the SMB space is tricky at best. I have been bashing my head against a brick wall for more that a year now since being back in Blighty. I was part of the IBM Resource Action but the trauma was exacerbated by being involuntarily moved to a new role and new manager I could not work with.

The plan was simple, move back to the UK, get a contract as a PM for £800 a day, buy a house, get my wife a settlement visa, buy a nice car, go on holiday a lot, pay off the mortgage for the new penthouse flat in Desa Park City and make sure I am in Malaysia for summers and the UK for Summers.

Plans hey, mice and men spring to mind.

What do I have?

  • Experience - 10 plus years working for IBM as a contractor or permanent staff member. That must count for something. ;-)
  • Wisdom - been there done that, made that mistake, made that mistake again.
  • Tacit knowledge - I may not be a NoSql expert but put me in front of it and give me a few days and I will run it.
  • A great network of friends, associates, acquaintances, ex colleagues and a fair share of detractors.
  • IP and soft assets - I have databases and procedures that go back many years and because they are in Lotus Notes they still work.
  • IT Architect - there is no system I can not install and get working whether that is for someone paying me loads o money or myself. 
  • Vision - this is of course objective. I have missed many opportunities such as "Ray, use your bonus to buy Bit Coins instead of that BMW. They are cheap and will be worth a lot of money in a few years - doh!!!)
  • Entrepreneurial attitude - the only aspect I lack in is the working 24 hours a day.
  • A head full of ideas - seriously, more than I can handle.
  • Domains - plenty of ideas to get going on.
What I do not have?

  • Money - I never thought money would be such a big obstacle.
  • A dedicated team - one is something but three is better unless it is me, myself and I. Without a team of like minded people supporting you, you have nothing.
  • Gift of the gab - If you can not create sales opportunities then you have nothing. 
  • Direction - Find a niche, attack it, own it.
Next steps:

andDROIDdevs ltd has been going for a while now. We have completed our first engagement - - and it has gone well. Now we need to step it up a gear.

It is time to jump on that bandwagon called IoT and NOSql. The Internet of Things are being defined at the moment but in essence it is all about everything connected to everything. NOSql is of course Not  Only SQL and that plays well into my Lotus Notes Document Database skills.

The first phase is to install Rubedo using MongoDB. This will drive our new website using the now ubiquitous top slider and block based web site design. You can follow our progress on the Linux blog.

Also, time to call upon the network and move andDROIDdevs to the next level and make some serious money.

Who wants in? :-)



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