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  • - Google keeps your searches and other identifiable user information for an undefined period of time
  • - Google can use your content for all their existing and future services
  • - This service tracks you on other websites
  • - Google can share your personal information with other parties
  • - Google may stop providing services to you at any time
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  • - Terms may be changed any time at their discretion, without notice to the user
  • × They can remove your content at any time and without prior notice
  • - The copyright license is broader than necessary
  • - Reduction of legal period for cause of action
  • × Deleted videos are not really deleted
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  • + You stay in control of your copyright
  • + Collected personal data used for limited purposes
  • + 6 weeks to review changes
  • - Indemnification from claims related to your content or your account
  • - Personal information can be disclosed in case of business transfer or insolvency
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  • + You don't grant any copyright license to github
  • - Changes can happen any time, sometimes without notice
  • - You shall defend and indemnify GitHub
  • + Your personal information is used for limited purposes
  • - Your account can be suspended and your data deleted any time for any reason
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  • × Twitpic takes credit for your content
  • - Your content is for Twitpic and their partners
  • - Reduction of legal period for cause of action
  • - You indemnify Twitpic from any claim related to your content
  • × Deleted images are not really deleted
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  • - Very broad copyright license on your content, includes right for Delicious to distribute through any media
  • × No Right to leave the service
  • - Only for personal and non-commercial use
  • - Your personal information are an asset for business transfers
  • - Non-transparent use of cookies and third party ads
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  • - Waiver of legal actions
  • - Broad copyright license
  • × 500px Store: Authorship
  • - 500px Store: your account can be terminated at any time
  • - You are responsible for any claim and agree to indemnify them
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  • + You are free to choose your copyright license
  • + You can get your data back
  • + Right to leave the service
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  • + Developed features are made available under a Free Software license
  • + Only the necessary logs and debug information are kept
  • + 4 weeks to review changes and possibility to negotiate
  • + No third-parties access to your data without a duly authorized judicial Swiss warrant
  •  Fines for spammers
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