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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Belgian man reinvents the wheel - Cycling Weekly

Belgian man reinvents the wheel - Cycling Weekly:

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A Belgian inventor, Jan Deckx has come up with, what he believes to be a better solution to rear wheel removal. With the D-Fix system you do not have to remove cassette and can leave it behind, attached to the bike
When you remove a bike wheel, perhaps to repair a puncture, you have to drop it into the smallest ring and then separate the chain from the cassette. This often gets your hands dirty and can be a bit of a fiddle in certain situations. To counter this Jan Deckx has come up with another system.
Jan has developed the D-Fix rear hub which attaches the cassette to the wheel in a different way. This means that the wheel can be removed separately, leaving the cassette behind. This could be useful for cleaning, maintenance and putting your bike in a car, as it doesn’t leave the chain dragging against the frame. The mechanism is a sort of spring loaded quick release through axle that slots inside the cassette free hub.
If you’re a little sceptical, check out the video above.
Whilst the hub is not currently being mass produced, Jan does provide his email address so that potential investors can contact him.  We would love to see Duncan Bannatyne’s take on this.



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