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Monday, 5 January 2015

Apartheid: In All Honesty - The New South Africas Genocide

Apartheid: In All Honesty - The New South Africas Genocide:

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Apartheid: In All Honesty

Brendis Apartheid article

Those with an agenda are attempting to re-write history.

By Brendi Richards

According to history, textbooks, Google, the truth and reconciliation commission etc. the “Apartheid” government was established in 1948 and ended in 1994.

The disarticulated implications of this re-written history is that the Boer (Farmer) were (and are) uniquely responsible for Apartheid. But, I contend this modern-day myth is a fairy tale intended to demonize today’s White South African people:

Apartheid found roots in South Africa under British Colonial rule beginning in 1894:
The Glen Grey Act – 
Implemented in 1894 by British citizen, industrialist (and, infamous seditionist) Cecil John Rhodes, Rhodes sponsored the Glen Grey Act while the Territory was under the British Colonial Rule. Rhodes racist dreams of separate/un-equal treatment of citizens based on skin color did not die with him when he died in Muizenberg on March 26 in 1902.

Cecil John Rhodes:  Glen Grey Act

“Rhodes’ [racist] policies were instrumental in the development of British imperial policies in South Africa…. It is essential to point out, however, that Rhodes did not have direct political power over the Boer Republic of the Transvaal. 
In 1895 Rhodes supported an attack on the Transvaal. Rhodes’ invasion into the Transvaal region was summarily repulsed, forcing him to resign as Prime Minister of the Cape.”
The British Colonial government continued their incursion into other non-white areas in the ensuing years. As White settlers who accompanied the British South Africa Company to Mashonaland became farmers, displaced Matabele and Mashona tribes rebelled. The British South Africa Company police force crushed Native resistance and displaced them. The conquered lands were named Southern and Northern Rhodesia, to honor Cecil Rhodes. As British influence in the area has diminished, the local inhabitants renamed their homelands Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Notice how today’s South African History page (Google, SA Govt, etc) memorializes these events:
“He [Rhodes] did not, however, have direct political power over the Boer Republic of the Transvaal. He often disagreed with the Transvaal government’s policies and felt he could use his money and his power to overthrow the Boer government”
This assertion is demonstrably false. The Apartheid government only came into existence in 1948. How could Rhodes in 1894 have “disagreed” with a government not yet in existence? Whatever happened before 1948 may thus rest at the feet of the Boer government’s predecessors: the British. So where did Apartheid “start”? 

 British Criminality; 1913 Land Act

To appreciate this, one must first consider the African National Congress (the ANC):

The ANC was formed in 1912 at a time when South Africa was changing very fast. Diamonds had been discovered in 1867 and GOLD in 1886. Mine bosses wanted large numbers of people to work for them in the mines. British Colonial laws and taxes were crafted to force Native peoples to leave their land and serve these British interests. The most severe law the British Colonialists passed was the 1913 Land Act, which prevented African Blacks from buying, renting or using land, except in the Reserves.
Many communities and families immediately lost their land because of the British 1913 Land Act. And, thus, for millions of other black people, it became very difficult, if not impossible to live off the land. The Land Act caused overcrowding, land hunger, poverty and starvation.


1. Cecil John Rhodes, a British citizen and ardent racist implemented Apartheid in 1894 under British Colonial rule.
2. The African National Congress (ANC) formed in 1912/3. This is 36 years before the so called “Apartheid government” controlled South Africa.
3. “Apartheid Government” 1948 – 1994 This government should be more properly considered a Transitionary Government as they inherited defacto-Apartheid from the British in 1948 and are the only Government in history to peaceably abolish such practice through popular Referendum. Only those wishing to re-write history for racist-political ends will deny that both De Klerk and Mandela shared a nobel peace prize for this collaborative effort:

Many race-baiters in government today also enjoy using racist tactics to malign South Africa’s minority white community by exaggerating and misrepresenting the true Human Cost of Apartheid. And, we agree with such humanitarian sentiments, insofar as every single human life lost due to racism should be considered a Crime against Humanity – racist slaughter of any kind should be pursued internationally – regardless of skin color – and, we believe, successful prosecution of racist-inspired murder should have uniquely severe penalties. But, today’s race-baiters did not stop their agitations with their elevation to power in 1994 … they inflate the slaughter of innocent Blacks (while ignoring other races sacrificed to their political ambitions), thus:

How many people died under the so called Apartheid rule?
The number of black people that was killed by the “Apartheid government” is generally inflated today by the ruling ANC and the Media Industrial Complex. When the ANC was spreading propaganda around the world during their Washington-sponsored “struggle”, they seldom backed their claims up with hard facts, as one would imagine. And, when they did manage to supply “facts”, those manufactured statistics were wildly at odds with the Truth!
To this day one hears the government-indoctrinated innocents speak about “massacres of black people under Apartheid”. The sort of language and imagery they conjure up to describe such horrific acts face-paint the Boer to resemble Nazi murderers: as if the White government actually randomly lined them helpless victims, shot them execution-style and dumped lifeless bodies into hidden mass-graves.

The statistics these race-baiters employ are famously false and misleading. 
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa, an impartial United Nations’ sponsored Group, studied these murders and uncovered the truth of the matter: 

Their study, released statistics of all the politically motivated murders in South Africa since the realization of the South African State from 1948 through to 1994. This study was inclusive of the Apartheid era for which the Boer may legitimately be held to account and the Post-Apartheid Era which followed the release and political acceptance of the ANC (1948-1994). The statistical results are shocking and call out the lie perpetrated in today’s media:

Description (as documented by the UN Commission) Date Range
Total Blacks Killed For Political Purposes 1948-1994 21,000
Sub-Total Killed (Boer Government, Apartheid Period 1948-1989) 7,000
Sub-Total Killed (Boer Government/ANC Legitimization1990-1994) 14,000^
^ UN Study shows vast majority of political slayings were Black on Black murder. 

We hear our South African leaders and reliable mouthpieces in the Media today claim that Whites killed 21,000. The impartial and exhaustive study found, however, that most of the deaths happened much more recently – and most of these deaths were not at the hands of Whites. It is important to remember that most of these deaths (14,000) happened in the period from 1990 to 1994, which is AFTER the unbanning of the ANC, and, for all intents and purposes, AFTER the conclusion of Apartheid. And, only a Student of the Truth will acknowledge that the vast majority of these 14,000 murders were the result of Black on Black violence between the ANC and the IFP and various other factions!

Does The Truth Matter To You?

Do we care about facts? Does it matter who did what? When today’s policy decisions are directed at righting-wrongs – and, where the wrongs identified are merely racist fictions created to congeal cheaply-bought support at the expense of targeted scapegoats – WE MUST CARE. We’ve seen what racist governments do to scapegoats in the last 100 years: 250 million deaths and counting … this is the cost of believing The Big Lie.

The Truth Does Matter. Our very lives depend on the Truth getting out!


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