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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Trompie beantwoord 'n paar vrae vanaf Facebook vriende. - YouTube

This morning "Wat Kyk Jy" (What're you looking at) published a cartoon picture called "Zombie en die bokkombende", a take on Trompie en die boksombende, and after searching Google I found a whole heap of nostalgia that made me want to go deep a little deeper.

I grew up in the 1970's when Television in RSA, now just called South Africa because it's is less effort, I guess, was in it's infancy. Content was created locally and that made for some really good television.

Some of the old programs still evoke a pleasant response when reminiscing but that does not mean they were any good, in fact some sucked, but the associated memories made them special.

Funny thing though, I recall that YouTube used to have far more old South African programs and a larger variety but from what I can see the IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industries) made copyright claims for most of them. It is such a pity when organisations muscles in with draconian requests especially when what was published was really just excerpts and not broadcast quality at all. Pathetic - ughhh - frigging busybodies

Trompie en die boksombende - (loosely translated) Trompie and the friendship gang - By Topsy Smith.  

The original trailer

don't get stuck on the "acting" look at the background and historical data available in this clip. Note the precast walls, windows WITHOUT burglar bars,  tar roads WITHOUT potholes and of course the weird hats.

This YouTube video is the latest rendition of the theme tune.


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