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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ferrari reveals its vision of F1 future | Wheels24

Ferrari reveals its vision of F1 future | Wheels24:

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Ferrari reveals its vision of F1 future

F1 FUTURE VISION FROM FERRARI: Lots of punters have expressed their views on what F1 should be - Ferrari today explained itself perfectly - in red, of course! Image: Ferrari
MARNELLO, Italy - Just as the F1 Commission meets in Geneva, Ferrari has outlined its vision of the sport's future.

Earlier in February, the powerful Strategy Group met to discuss plans to spice up F1 with powerful and noisy engines, and more aggressive looking cars.
At that meeting, Red Bull and McLaren reportedly tabled aggressive-looking drawings outlining their vision to significantly improve the shape of the cars with dramatic rule changes in 2016 or 2017.
Now, as the F1 Commission meets on Tuesday to consider the very same matter, Ferrari made public its idea of what grand prix cars might look like in the not-too-distant future.
The computer-generated images, uploaded to a bespoke 'F1 Concept' section of the official Ferrari website, show a futuristic car with a double-decker front wing, a driver helmet integrated with the bodywork, and a sculpted rear wing curling around wide tyres on low-profile wheel rims.
Ferrari also created the social media hashtag 'ferrarif1concept', prompting widespread feedback.
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