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Monday, 16 February 2015

Strange picture! IQ is said to break the horizon of people who can see!


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Strange picture! IQ is said to break the horizon of people who can see!

Magical pictures-per-view, not always consciously want to try it ......

No.1 [rotation] Shunni
It is said that the usual left-brain thinking people see this picture has been rotated clockwise,
the usual right-brain people see has been a counter-clockwise rotation,
intelligence people to break the sky, you will see good times or bad rotation, How about you?

No.2 [strong] Hypnosis
See this chart, you can relieve your sleep pressure.
No.3 [ultra-powerful hypnosis]
Infinite loop, super strong reminder dream, enhanced version of the hypnosis.
No.4 deformation maps [wink]
Look at this chart to keep the fast blink.
No.5 [picture] magic
After watching 20 seconds staring at the center figure disappeared.
No.6 [test] the deep phobia
See on the map, there tremor, mental depression, chest tightness, breath and so on, that you have a phobia of the sea, we come to try!

No.7 [test] eyesight
This figure, although it seems a little scary,
but recovered to think, really creative.
You can see several kinds of animals?
It is said that someone saw 30 kinds oh.
0-10, super myopia.
11-20, normal vision.
21-30, you are magnifying glass.
30 or more, to worship the god.

No.8 [muzzle pointing you]

No.9 [train heading]
Spirit and strong person can change the direction of travel of the train.

[No.10] do not believe you do not faint
Dissatisfied, you try! You are not faint great God!

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