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Friday, 3 April 2015

Everyone Should Master These 24 Basic Knots, They'll All Be Handy Someday - OMG Facts - The World's #1 Fact Source

Everyone Should Master These 24 Basic Knots, They'll All Be Handy Someday - OMG Facts - The World's #1 Fact Source:

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1. Tie a super simple carrying knot for your bottles on long hikes

Get instructions here.

2. Make your own survival keychain

Get the full instructions here.

3. The correct way to tie a karate belt

4. And the right way to tie up your bean boots

Find in depth details here.

5. Finally master that tricky bow tie

6. Find out how to take care of a belt strap that is too long

Full instructions available here.

7. Make the perfect toga for your party

Learn the specific details.

8. And how to create the perfect knot for your trench coat

Full instructions here

9. How to use your sarong in a new way

10. Create a simple, no-sew tutu

Get all the simple instructions here.

11. Figure out all the ways to use your scarf

Learn all the styles here.

12. And more ways to use your scarf on your head

Create your own look with instructions here.

13. Create simple hair ties that won't get caught in your hair

Get all the instructions here.

14. How to give your converse a new look

Find out how to do it here.

15. And how to tie your shoes faster than you thought possible

16. Adjust any necklace or bracelet with a quick sliding knot

17. Create a celtic heart knot to give something a fun look

Get instructions on how to do it here.

18. Create fast and fun friendship bracelets

Learn how to make them here.

19. Can't find your computer bag? Turn your hoodie into a laptop bag

20. Create the perfect bow for all your gifts

Learn to give the best gift here.

21. Or if you're feeling fancy, create this extra special bow

Learn to be fancy here.

22. Braid blanket edges instead of knots to make it look more clean

Get all the instructions.

23. Make a quick toy for your favorite pet

24. And of course, most important of all, tie a cherry stem in your mouth


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