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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mike Smith's Political Commentary: Noble savages destroy Paarl train station

Mike Smith's Political Commentary: Noble savages destroy Paarl train station:

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Noble savages destroy Paarl train station

By Mike Smith

25th of April 2015

Now how do you understand these shit-for-brains spiesgooiers?

First they stuff up Eskom’s power stations and the electricity supply and then they steal all the copper cables from Eskom and the Railways, even the light bulbs from the signalling system and cause almost 1000 train delays in one week. Then they get upset that the trains are not running and there is no electricity and what do they do? They go and destroy their entire local train station and set it alight.

Now there is nothing. No trains, no electricity, no station…absolutely nothing. Destroyed.

So now they cannot get to their jobs, cannot earn money and cry that they are poor. How do their minds work?

985 trains delayed in week of mayhem

Rioters smash up Paarl train station

Who needs an arsenal of nuclear bombs to destroy a country? All you need to do is bring a party of .. to power and the destruction will follow all by itself.

Metrorail spent R200 million on maintenance during the past financial year.

I mean when people ask you to explain this kind of behavior, how do you do it without being racist?

Maybe I should ask the liberals.

video here 


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