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Friday, 17 July 2015

Mike Smith's Political Commentary: SA heading for a recession. Why liberal optimists make me sick.

Mike Smith's Political Commentary: SA heading for a recession. Why liberal optimists make me sick.:

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SA heading for a recession. Why liberal optimists make me sick.

"The man who is a pessimist before 48 knows too much; if he is an optimist after it he knows too little."
- Mark Twain.

By Mike Smith

16th of July 2015

According to liberal economist and chief strategist at Investment Solutions, Chris Hart, South Africa is heading towards a “full blown” recession in the next year. He is optimistic.

The reason, he says, is “government has placed too much emphasis on alleviating poverty, instead of on trimming unemployment. “

So let me translate that Lib-Speak into understandable English:

“The useless and corrupt ANC stole the white taxpayer’s money, kept 90% for themselves and dished out 10% to their voters and haven't created a single job.”

That is the long and short of it. I cringe every time these “economists” explain how the ANC should create jobs..."to alleviate the challenges the country faces, such as health care, a need for education, and trimming crime.”…. blah, blah, blah.

They are NOT interested in any of that. 21 years in power and the ANC has not created a single job yet. Unemployment has soared. They fired a lot of competent whites and appointed their incompetent cronies and families in their places. That is how they “create” jobs.

The only things they can “create” is chaos, crime, corruption, degeneration and filth. Communists by nature are not “creators”; They are “destroyers”.

But Chris Hart is right on some things. It is true that the official unemployment rate is 26.4%, and that for those aged between 24 - 35 the unemployment rate is 48%.

It is also true that the unofficial rate of unemployment - which includes discouraged job seekers - is around 37%.

To this, Hart says: “We need a massive explosion of the economy to resolve this problem.”

Good luck with that!

When are these liberal idiots going to get it? The ANC is a Marxist terrorist organisation. They are not interested in creating jobs even if they could, which we know they can’t, because they are beyond useless. They are not interested in a strong economy or alleviating poverty. They are not interested in creating good health care or trimming crime.

They NEED the poor to keep them in power. It is how Communism works.

They need to tell the 90% black proletariat that the 10% white bourgeoisie has been stealing from them so that they can come to power and stay in power forever. If everyone is successful, rich and equal then there is no one to blame, and no need for the Communists. So they will lose power. The ANC needs to keep people stupid, because an educated person will never swallow their Communist bullshit. Stupid people are unemployable, poor and hungry. Exactly what the Communists want.

And when you do have rich, successful and equal societies like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. then you have to CREATE an “us and them” proletariat and bourgeoisie…hence the need for Feminism. You need to tell women that “men”…their own ”white men”…are oppressing them. Exploiting them as sex objects, raping them, breeding machines. That these men earn more money than them. Get all the top jobs, etc…Tell them that their “White men” are drunks, bad in bed, that they are better off with black men, etc. Hate your white men. So you break the backbone of White Western Society, the “White Male”, because the most dangerous thing to a Communist is a thinking “white male”. That is why they go out of their way to destroy white male institutions and strongholds world wide.

Crime, poor education and poor health care are deliberate tools of the Communists. First thing Communists do when they get to power is to destroy education and kill of the academics and intelligentsia. These are their biggest enemies. In the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia people wearing glasses were killed, because it indicated that they could read. In South Africa, they simply chase the intelligentsia out of the country with crime, poor education standards, BEE, Affirmative Action and poor health care. It is all part of the agenda.

The ones who are left behind in SA are oppressed under a communist yoke with threats of losing their jobs or their lives. Crime keeps them as virtual prisoners in their own homes. They are oppressed with endless layers of guilt for being white and therefore responsible for colonialism, Apartheid, “institutionalized racism”, etc. These oppressed whites are then being told that they are “Privileged” white racists. The message is clear: “Shut up and don’t complain. If you get killed, just go quietly, because you deserve it.”

All the time the Communist regime maintains power.

That is why I laugh when I hear chronic optimists like Chris Hart talk about “solving the challenges of South Africa”. What utter optimistic, liberal bollocks. It is called “Optimism bias”. It is a mental disorder. It is a belief that nothing bad will happen to you; only to other people. It is a belief that people are all reasonable and good and that you can simply talk sense to them and they will magically listen to your expert advice. It is a belief that everything will just magically get better if only they do A or B.

I’ve got news for you, mate. Not under Communism. Just when you think it cannot possibly get worse, it will. South Africa is not on its way to a “Full blown” recession…It is on its way to a “Full blown” Zimbabwe!

Communists are not normal reasonable people. They are psychopathic and narcissist scumbags. Their minds work differently. They are not interested in what you have to say. All that matters is their agenda. White males like you are in the way.

So here is some good “optimistic” advice Chris Hart. The only “Challenge” you need to “Solve” is getting rid of the ANC. Everything else will come right afterwards. Start working on that. The rest is just futile and a waste of time.


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