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Thursday, 16 July 2015

UK ON Major ThunderStorm Alert TONIGHT – SEVERE WARNING (16.07.15) | VeryWeather UK :)

Oh what fun!

UK ON Major ThunderStorm Alert TONIGHT – SEVERE WARNING (16.07.15) | VeryWeather UK :):

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UK ON Major ThunderStorm Alert TONIGHT – SEVERE WARNING (16.07.15)

Good morning folks. Things are about to go BANG. There is a Major ThunderStorm Risk / Alert for Southern & South Eastern UK Tonight – prepare for gales, heavy rain, frequent lightning & hail, oh yes. Click on YOUR AREA on the map below for severe weather info. –  The worst of conditions are forecast to be across Southern areas overnight. A large cell is forecast to develop somewhere close to London, and push North East into East Anglia, giving frequent lightning, thunder, hail & strong winds. In a wider area, strong storms are forecast as far West as Devon, and as far North as the Peak District, however these are not forecast to be Severe. However, The severe conditions are likely in Southern areas. Scroll down for a risk map & further information…
MORE THUNDERSTORM INFO & WARNING MAP: Now, Today is going to be a warm one in the South East, highs of 27-28C there. However, the heat will “Burst” open this evening – we may touch 29C during the late evening, By the night time this will enable large thunderstorms to develop across Central & Southern areas. These storms are quite elevated so hail isn’t a huge risk, but severe lightning, heavy rain etc IS. Do be aware if out & about. Scattered but lively stuff will develop in the far South tonight, before overnight it heads North, some storms heading through Wales, and some as far East as East Anglia. Not everywhere will see them as storms are hit & miss, but if you do get caught in one it could be severe. PREPARE for the risk of large hail, flooding & gales/ frequent lightning in a small region from North London to the Wash of East Anglia. This Warning WATCH is active until 6AM from 10PM. But, the severe alert is active from 10pm to 2am. Thank you for reading. Here is a WEATHER ALERT MAP – showing the levels of warning’s active. For more info comment @UK Sun Updates for Summer 2015 on Facebook. Feel free to share this content with anyone.


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