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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wow! Suzelle DIY like you’ve never seen her before! | Channel24

Cape Town – She’s South Africa’s favourite DIY star and has even won a Channel24 Award for her popular YouTube channel.
Now Suzelle DIY, or Julia Anastasopoulos, can add another accolade to her already impressive résumé.
Julia has just been crowned winner of the Superbalist 100 a South African initiative in which locals voted for the winner.
The Superbalist 100 celebrates 100 young South Africans who are helping to shape the scene. Doers, makers, movers and shakers; these are the creatives responsible for youth culture as we know it.
In a tell-all interview with Dylan Muhlenberg from The Superbalist, Julia for the first time shows a side of her that her fans rarely get to see.
(Photo: Travys Owen/Superbalist)
A Suzelle DIY movie:
The revealing interview also includes Ari Kruger, the director and other half of Suzelle DIY. 
Together Ari and Julia revealed that a Suzelle DIY movie is in the works.
“Right now we’re pretty close to a good outline. We haven’t scripted yet but will know what direction it’ll take by the end of the year. Ninety minutes. Way more difficult. Totally different project. We’d need funding and in a totally different way from how we’re funding these,” Ari told Muhlenberg.
The article also includes beautiful photos by photographer Travys Owen and Suzelle is styled by Gabrielle Kannemeyer like you’ve never seen her before.

Wow! Suzelle DIY like you’ve never seen her before! | Channel24:

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