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Saturday, 7 November 2015

This Singapore apartment complex was just voted the best new building in the world

HOUSING   The Interlace by OMA:Buro Ole Scheeren, Singapore

World Architecture Festival
One of the most prestigious prizes in architecture has just been awarded to a housing complex in Singapore.
The judges at the World Architecture Festival 2015, which ran from November 4 – 6, has bestowed its top honors, the “World Building of the Year” award, upon an apartment complex known as The Interlace. Designed by the Dutch-based Office for Metropolitan Architecture, the building was an entry in the housing category, where it was also recognized as the top entry.
The development is located on an elevated site covering eight hectares. It makes the most of being located in the lush green Southern Ridges of Singapore, with its 31 stacked apartment blocks each measuring six stories high and ensuring beautiful views in every direction.
This also creates eight huge, open courtyards with rooftop sky gardens and terraces for both public and private use. The development’s apartment facings were carefully designed to ensure privacy.  
But this unique design doesn’t sacrifice living space. The complex contains 1,040 apartment units of varying sizes spread across more than 1.8 million square feet — all with an incredible amount of outdoor space and landscaping. 

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