The new year is practically around the corner and amid these circumstances we frequently start considering ways we can change ourselves and our habits to grow and advance in our lives. Whether you are the type to make resolutions, or you like to think back on the prior year and perceive how you can improve the upcoming, there are many things we can do to grow ourselves, and overall make our lives both less demanding and more fun.
Here is a list of 16 things that I for one feel we should all put an end in 2016: (These are 16 things to explicitly coordinate the year 2016)

1. Running From Your Problems

Challenges are constant worries that many people are scared of. So what do people do when a challenge is posed? Typically one will run away from it. Is that correct? Of course not because then the problem will only get bigger with time. Running away from problems will not resolve anything. In fact, confronting your problems can make you stronger as a person and it can also probably give you the courage to execute an upcoming problem. Confront before you run!

2. Lying To Yourself & Others

Lying is something that many people do subconsciously and sometimes is embedded into our culture as much as telling the truth is. Some people don’t realize they’re lying half of the time, even if people call them out on it they may deny the fact that they are lying and believe their own tale after a while.

3. Letting The Fear Of Making A Mistake Stop You From Doing Something

“Accidents happen, that’s what they say.” – Elmo. Accidents happen and that’s ok. Just because something went a different and maybe completely oppisite way than you imagined, it doesn’t mean life is over and you have to go get a regular life. Do you, and be amazing regardless of the accidents, mistakes happen, and that’s ok.

4. Comparing Yourself To Others

You are better than me at something I probably never even realized I could be something at in the first place. You are unique and awesome for your on flavor and taste on life. Just because I am different, definitely doesn’t mean you should be planning your life out like mine and thinking that the same thing that works for me will work for you. This is the reason why so many actors and actresses fail, they follow instead of making their own footsteps. To be something totally awesome you must be your own. Of course a little competition is good, though competition and comparison are two very different things. Strive for someones rank, just make your own foot print in the sand.

5. Living For Something In The Future

A goal is great, though living your entire life for that goal can be draining on your fun where it matters, here and now. Our lives are filled with 401k’s and retirement funds so that way we can enjoy the last few moments of out life here on earth, though what if the afterlife actually existed? And you truly eternal? Would working and breaking your back for 20 something years of relaxation really be worth it? Something to think about. Succesful people set goals, though they also do something extremley important to life, they live in the here and now, they enjoy a nice looking cloud, they grove to the beat and watch cartoons if it interests them. They don’t care what others think because they are too busy living. They enjoy the here and now, so should we, every moment.

6. Trying To Get People To Feel Sorry For You

You are way better than this, humans – you are amazing. To think that someone has to feel sorry for you to make your life better. It takes life force and give the other person so much more work on their plate to see you happy and feel pitty. We all deal with struggles, some people have really busy day to day lives. By busy I mean picking up gold from old computers and having to deal with deadly radiation poisoning all day while being pregnant and having 2 kids waiting for them at home. People live sorry lives, without trying. That is just the life they live. Some people can’t even give dinner but mud pies. Litteraly mud. I feel sorry for you, though if it is truly sad, people will feel your pain and try to help in what ever way they can. Even if it is the weirdest way possible just take in memory that they tried for you.

7. Trying To Re-live/ Make Up For Your Past

You are in the now, there is nothing wrong with doing something you wanted to so. Though forcing parachute pants and other fads from different eras down people’s throats is a different story. No amount of trying and misdirrection is going to bring back those groovy times, we must like and accept the here and the now. For ourselves, if that means rocking pharchute pants, rock them! Just avoid putting your ideals downs other’s rabbit hole, they need to make their own past unique story to tell. If anything help them build their story that might both love to hear. Cooperat and make a new type of past for the future generation.

8. Putting Things Off For The Eternal Tomorrow

Some days the remote may be too far to reach, therefore you get lazy and decide to watch the same show that’s been on for a while. This can be your life too, you might get lazy to do something you have beening meaning to do or even something that is important and then you end up watching the same ol’ show that you have been for a while. Life is meant to be ever changing and constantly blooming, by putting off day by day of that business idea or amazing recipe, you are stopping your life from growing.

9. Blaming Things Outside Of Yourself

Two people get into a car accident, one is clearly at fault but swears to the all mighty it was the other person. How would that make you feel? Just as a witness, not even being the person who just got rammed. Might make you feel like you must share the truth. Especially if it was you in the oppisite car. Though just because one was at fault, doesn’t mean you or the other has no blame to take. Everything in life is two sided. Though it may not be your fault someones breaks gave loose, it could be your fault for not paying full attention to the surroundings. Taking blame is one of the most powerful things you can do, once you do, people no longer get put down besides by their own blame.

10. Letting The Past Define How You Think Of Others

If I called you a mean name, would that stick with you forever? Would you try to live up to that statement and become a jerk? Of course not! Though some people do! They believe what others tell them instead of searching for the reason why they were called that and fixing it. People believe that they have so much to live by if they follow the words of others, though that is not true. As Doctor Sues said, “You are you, and there is no one youer than you!”. The same happens in the oppisite manner, that person that called you a name might stick in your head as a jerk for even saying so. What if he was having a horrible day, and actually was talking to his co-worker but because you cut him off in line by accident he called you what he has beening wanting to say to his coworker for a month. People have hiccups, they say things sometimes they don’t mean.

11. Setting Expectations For Things Before They Happen

“Let’s face it, ones imagination loves to wander. Usually it wanders to create expectations far grander than even humanly possible. It can be fun to get lost in lala land, it also manages to do a pretty good job of making the present reality seem pretty blah by comparison. I’ve heard many people tell me how the better things in life have always seemed to happen when they didn’t expect it, so what better way to help create that than to simply stop expecting. Live in the moment and things will always seem that much more exciting.”

12. Looking For Someone Perfect

Someone perfect is totally and completely impossible, we must face that to find perfection we must work towards it enternally. Perfection is something that is difficult to obtain for our ownselves, let alone finding someone that is perfect? Impossible. Even the gods of olympus could not find a perfect match, they all struggled with relationships. Your search will continue forever and ever until you are God and find out you are perfect with yourself.

13. Trying To Be Someone That You Are Not

This is a big one most everybody does! “Oh I want to be like (Artist) ! OH my he/she is so cool”. When they can’t sing. You are you, and you are amazing in your own light. Everyone has a shining star inside of them. Everyone can have their moment of fame. But that moment of fame is nearly impossible behind someone elses shadow. Be you, and be great at it.

14. Beating Yourself Up

“As insulting as another person can be, there is no one capable of being more vicious to ourselves than, well… ourselves. Whether you let your high school crush get away, you dropped the game winning touchdown, or anything else along those same lines, nothing from the past needs to have any bearing on the present. Choosing to create this moment anew rather than weigh it down by things that are completely irrelevant to everything but your mind, can be a really freeing process.”

15. Living Predominantly In The Digital World

“We all love the digital world. How do I know this? To be reading this article right now, you are actively engaging in it. While the internet, our phones, tablets, and everything else that electronically exists are all wonderful tools, let’s make sure they don’t dominate our 2016. Let’s use them as we need to, but also be sure to incorporate an adequate portion of face to face interaction and nature-based activities into our regular life.”

16. Just Reading & Not Doing

Usually, many people tend to create goals that they want to accomplish such “The New Years Resolution” but often times find themselves not doing anything about it. In order for one to execute a task, one must begin it. How will you ever accomplish what you wish without lifting a finger? Remember, theres a reason why you put it in your list of goals in the first place.