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Thursday, 21 April 2016

The top eight funny braai videos | The South African

In honour of National Braai Day/ Heritage Day, we bring you our top eight braai videos…
Ons gaan nou braai: South African super-comedian Barry Hilton explains why it’s a bad idea to say yes when invited to a braai.

The classic ‘Tong Master’ video was made by a group of expats in the early 2000s about  the difficulty of explaining braai etiquette to Brits…

James Braai 0027 – “Live and Let Braai” – bringing Braai Offenders To Justice.

Who doesn’t get goosebumps watching this 1998 advert about the homesick South African expats trekking across New York with crates of Castle beer to hold a braai on a rooftop, complete with backing track by Toto?

“It’s “Braaiday” is the South African parody of Rebecca Black’s infamous song “Friday” by a comedy group called Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues (the name is a nod to an iconic SA TV show and its main presenter).

Lady Gaga’s Poker Face translated to pap en vleis in Afrikaans.

Ma is opgewonde om dogter se nuwe man, Patrick, to ontmoet…

The Braai Harlem Shake…

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The top eight funny braai videos | The South African:

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