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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

This is South Africa today in video - This will make you cry

South Africa Today.
In South Africa today, it’s hard to think that there is a real democracy, governance or even any laws at all. What’s so sad, and pathetic, is that greed and exploiting their glamorous lifestyle to all and sundry is the self-satisfaction and pride of the ANC government. And these atrocities are a direct result of the misguided radical ANC government.
In a few YouTube video clips one can see the state of South Africa today…
Police disperse #RhodesMustFall protesters. (Uploaded by Eyewitness News). Keep in mind that these protesters are supposed to be students. Warning strong language.
More student protests at the University of the Western Cape. This is not police brutality since these students will burn down universities and they claim that they riot for the future of their children? How can that be? At this rate they will have no education since they only destroy. (Video uploaded by Eyewitness News).
South African Police Fire Rubber Bullets And Tear Gas in xenophobic attacks.
South Africa today also is absolutely rife with violent crime. Warning this documentary is very disturbing and very graphic. Documentary uploaded by (INSANE).
Whenever you complain about your country think about the innocent people stuck in South Africa.
Welcome to South Africa.
South Africa Today – South Africa News

This is South Africa today in video:

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