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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Oh no, Twitterfeed is no more. Here is how to move (some) blogger feeds to

When you get a message, a few days before a site that you use all the time, is about to close doors the procrastination panic monster comes out of hiding.

18 Oct (2 days ago)Howdy, Twitterfeeders!We're writing to let you know that Twitterfeed will be shutting its doors on October 31st, 2016. It's been one heck of a run and we can't thank you enough for your loyal usage and support over the years.If you're looking for a service similar to Twitterfeed to continue using in our absence, we recommend checking out the good folks at Buffer ( or ( again for all the feeds!- MarioFounder, Twitterfeed 5th Ave. New York, NY 10010

Of course this is just the start of bad things that is about to happen to all of us. As deflation sets in and the value of currency falls we are in for a very bad time indeed. The problem is that our fiat currency has run its course and the rich simply cant get richer and the poor will get poorer. We owe trillions of dollars to someone but nobody knows who. Why mention this? Well, running a benevolent business that brings in no money apart from Add revenue, such as twitter feed, that has a huge operating cost is not sustainable. Kudos only goes so far and then, kablamo. But I digress...

This is not what I wanted to do tonight but needs must so here we go...

I use blogger to save web pages from important web sites, as they may go bust (case and point), and that annoys me as I obviously saw value in the page I saved.  So in effect I "archive" pages but more to the point of this exercise I monitise the pages and spam my followers on social media, tit for tat really. That has made me about $20 for this year. Whoo Hoo.

The revenue comes from Google adds but if you are anything like me, and I know you are, then you have an add blocker so it has no impact on your amazing life. At least I have saved the page I found interesting and saw value in until Google goes bust of course. If Google goes bust we all screwed anyway so I have no contingency for that. As above I am writing this blog post as a reminder to me on how to do this. Ramble ends here...

Moving a twitter feed to (for now)

The easiest way to create a feed for a blogger web site is the Google Feedburner service.

Here are the details of a typical RSS / Atom feed

9 Amazing subscribers! 0 reach! Whoo hoo!
"What is Reach? Reach is the total number of people who have taken action — viewed or clicked — on the content in your feed."
On that deflated note lets move on...

My personal blogger site, Ray said what?, has 15 subscribers and a reach of 1 but I have already configured the site in so I can spam you! has made it easy(ier) but there were challenges, hence this blogger post.

Step 1. Add the feed to

1.   Click on automate
2.   Get your feed details for feedburner or twitterfeed.
3.   *There may be a 512k limit error displayed - Add /feeds/posts/default?max-results=3
4.   Press the + (Plus) icon.
5.   Rename your feed. I have an ! in the feed. (Ray blogs about - Food!)
6.   Choose share immediately or add to queue (like buffer)
7.   Choose form Post most recent item now, post when a new post is made or spam all. (Duh!)
8.   Click on connect socials
9.   Connect your to your social networks. This gets tricky initially.
10. Once a social connection is set it can simply be added to any new feed. Very nice feature!
12. You can customise the feeds. Do this first! (opengraph etc)
11. Start posting! (spamming friends)

*How can I reduce Blogger's feed size below FeedBurner's 512K limit?

Stuff to keep in mind - Social Feeds.

The main sites for social posting is Facebook (duh), Twitter, Googl+ (yep it's still alive) and the very pointless (these days), Linkedin. features and customisation.

The available feeds.

And then this happened...

Hmmmm. This is a high price for spamming friends. Seeing my return is $20 a year this needs careful thought. Lest see how many feeds I can add. This will be the deal breaker.

Dammit! Looks like a waste of time or I have to split between this and buffer.

Twitterfeed nostalgia.


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